Iris Campbell

POI 0503 Iris

Played byWrenn Schmidt

NameDr. Iris Campbell




AssociatesJohn Riley

First appearanceProphets

Latest appearanceTruth Be Told

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Dr. Iris Campbell is a therapist with the NYPD assigned to speak with Reese, working undercover as Detective John Riley, after a couple of shooting incidents.

Character Background

During their first therapy session Reese tries to manipulate events to his advantage but Iris sees right through his tactics and promises to only sign-off on him if he takes these meetings seriously. Although reluctant at first Reese gradually opens up to her about losing a close friend and his need to save people, though he still maintains his cover story. (“Prophets”)

She tracks down Reese while he is on one of his assignments, following Dani Silva, and tries to talk to him about his hero complex. Reese protects her and Silva during a drive-by shoot-out involving The Brotherhood. (“Point of Origin”)

She finally signs-off on Reese after their final meeting but he asks her to continue their sessions. Reese later opens up to her about his father and his childhood. It is hinted that Reese has started developing feelings for Iris, as pointed out by Zoe Morgan. (“Guilty”)

Reese attends a gala hosted by their new number Dr. Shane Edwards as Dr. Iris' plus-one and introduces her to Fusco. (“Karma”)

She unexpectedly breaks off their sessions and refers John to another therapist, saying that it's for his own good. When Reese finally confronts her she admits that she has feelings for him and kisses him. He does the same. (“Skip”)

While working on a new number Zoe teases Reese for dating his therapist although he denies doing so. She states affairs like these never end well for people like them. (“Search and Destroy”)

Reese makes a stop to see her shortly before going off to help Finch and Root, to tell her to get out of town on the off chance things go horribly wrong. She agrees, but only on the condition that he be completely honest with her when they next meet. John promises that the next time he sees her, he'll tell her everything. (“YHWH”)

Reese goes on a few dates with her and even meets her parents. But events from his past in the military convinces him he would never be allowed to have a normal life, and he ends his relationship with Iris. (“Truth Be Told”)


Season 4

Season 5

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