POI 0123 Jabo

Played byJason Kolotouros




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Jablonski was the leader of the group of killers affiliated with HR and tasked by Patrick Simmons to kill Caroline Turing.

He and his team set up an ambush on a downtown street with the intent of murdering Turing and making it look like a mugging gone bad. Reese intervenes and saves Turing, knocking out Jablonski and kneecapping one of his associates.

Jablonski and his team, guided by a mole in Real Time Crime Center, chase Reese and Turing through a luxury hotel, planning to use explosives to blow up the floor the two are on to kill them. The team succeeds in planting the explosives, but Finch disables their access to the cell phone network, preventing Simmons orders from reaching them and allowing Reese and Turing to escape. Simmons, Jablonski and one of his men engage in a gunfight with Reese in the parking garage and Reese ends up cornered. Before he can make a last stand, Carter and Fusco arrive and lay down covering fire for Reese to escape.

Following the arrival of Carter and Fusco, Jablonski and his team member flee in their car chased by Carter, Fusco and Reese in Carter's car. The killers ignore Carter's attempts to pull them over so Reese orders Carter to slow down before detonating a bomb they'd left in the trunk of their car, killing Jablonski and his henchman.

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