Jeremy Watkins

3x04 - JeremyWatkins

Played byDaniel Cosgrove

NameJeremy Watkins

AliasHenry Shain

StatusUnknown (probably deceased)

OccupationDefense attorney,
Founder of "The Innocence Project"

ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

FamilyVanessa Watkins - wife
Nicole Spencer - lover

AppearanceReasonable Doubt

Images (3)

Jeremy Watkins is the husband of Vanessa Watkins. Jeremy was a defense attorney and founder of a charity called "The Innocence Project".

Jeremy was in serious debt and owed money to mobsters. With his wife, he concocted a plan to steal money from their charity and escape the country using passports that his wife obtained. He double-crossed his wife and framed her for his alleged murder. His wife confronted him at gunpoint about his betrayal, and may have been killed in the confrontation.

He was having an affair with his wife's best friend Nicole Spencer and had planned to leave the country with her.

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