John Warren

2x12 - John Warren

NameJohn Benjamin Warren



Social Security #498-00-3145

OccupationInvestment banker

ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

FamilyConrad and Laura - parents
Allison West - ex-girlfriend

AppearancePrisoner's Dilemma

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John B. Warren is John Reese's clean cover identity which he only uses under extreme circumstances.
According to Finch, this identity is the one that most closely matches Reese's real past.

Reese first used this identity when the FBI around Special Agent Donnelly captured him and Carter interrogated him at Rikers Island.


Family and early years

John Warren was born to parents Conrad (born April 12, 1947, Bonney Lake, WA) and Laura Warren, née Marshall (born November 3, 1948, Sumner, WA) who got married in 1965.
The family lived in Sumner, Washington. His mother's family owned a farm just outside of the city. He stayed there with his mother.
Conrad Warren was in the military and frequently on missions overseas, such as Vietnam in 1966. He returned when John was 11 and took over the farm.
After battling pneumonia, Conrad Warren passed away in the company of his family on June 8, 2007. Laura Warren passed away due to complications after a slip-and-fall accident on September 27, 2010. His parents were married for 42 years.

Military career

John served in the army from 1995 to 2001. He was a sergeant in Old Ironsides. In 1995 he was in Bosnia for the IFOR peacekeeping mission.
While on patrol near Kladanj, a Serb militant with a bag of land mines tried to shoot John but his AK misfired. John jumped him and broke his neck in self-defense.

He left the military just before 9/11.

When the towers came down, John was in Niagara Falls with his girlfriend Allison West (born October 16, 1976 in Tacoma, WA).
Although he had just left the service, he knew that he would have to re-enlist. When he saw Allison being scared, he realized that there would be a whole different life that he could have with her, and decided to stay.

Post 2001

After leaving the army, John went back to UDub (University of Washington) to get his MBA, graduating in 2004. He has had several jobs all across the country for companies such as Pacific Capital (2005), West Cambridge Securities (2006), and BPC (2008).

He joined Pebler, Wright & Associates in 2011. His employer's name is Howard French (born July 26, 1949).


  • John Warren lives at 713 East 66th St., Apartment 5B.
  • Previous addresses include:
    • 5300 W Burton St., Seattle, WA, 98199
    • 607 Carrington Way #49, Boston, MA, 02116
  • His Social Security Number is 498-00-3145.

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