Julie Davenport

POI 0201 Julie7

Played byBeth Laufer

NameJulie Davenport


ResidenceRelton, MD, U.S.

FamilyDenton Weeks - lover

AppearanceThe Contingency

Images (2)

Julie Davenport was Denton Weeks' lover.

Root poisened her to gain access to her house and confront Denton Weeks. Root alleged she had lied on her taxes and is addicted to painkillers. (“The Contingency”)

While helping Reese to locate Finch, Fusco bugged a phone call between Special Counsel and Hersh. He learnt of Denton's disappearance and Julie's connection to him. He was later able to locate Julie's cabin in Relton, Maryland, allowing Reese to find and rescue Finch. (“Bad Code”)

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