Justin Lee


NameJustin Lee


Date of birth09-26-1984

Social Security #049 275 214


ResidenceNew York City, NY

OriginHeilongjiang Province


AppearanceTrojan Horse

Images (1)

Justin Lee was a Chinese spy working undercover as an engineer under Ross Haskell at Rylatech. He was the son of a high-ranking Chinese government official and resided in Hong Kong before moving to NYC to spy on Rylatech.

Ater Lee was killed in an apparent automobile accident, Monica Jacobs sent flowers to his parents address but they were returned. Having become suspicious of Lee, Jacobs downloaded files off his laptop which Finch later used to prove Rylatech was involved in espionage. Finch also discovered Lee's identity was fake and when he asks Carter to investigate Lee's accident, she finds his body is missing from the morgue.


  • In “Trojan Horse”, Justin Lee's Chinese identity card is shown. The identity code is 15 digits, but in reality, it should contain 18. The code indicates Justin was born in Heilongjiang province, most likely in Harbin, a city north to Beijing. That forn of identity code is, however, used only in Mainland China and not in Hong Kong where Justin Lee lived, according to the card. Also, the card uses simplified Chinese characters while Hong Kong uses traditional characters.
  • The emails Justin Lee wrote his father don't sound as if they were written by a Chinese native speaker, but as if they were translated from English to Chinese.

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