Justin Ogilvy

2x14 - Justin Ogilvy

Played byCharlie Semine

NameJustin Ogilvy


OccupationCEO of

AffiliationLogan Pierce

AppearanceOne Percent

Images (2)

Justin Ogilvy is the CEO of, along with his best friend Logan Pierce.

Justin and Logan had been friends for over 10 years, since their days at CalTech. While Logan is the face (and brain) of Friendczar, Justin looks after the business side of things. Although Justin was once honest and hardworking, success made him greedy and corrupt. He started bullying their competition and hitting them with lawsuits for patent violations. This put him at odds with Logan.

Justin found out that Logan was going to go into business with Emily Morton. He realized that Emily's social networking program would cannibalize and decided to kill Logan so that he couldn't go through with the deal. However Reese was able to intervene and save Logan's life and Justin was arrested by the police.

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