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Main Characters

Root Holder

Played by Amy Acker (Credit Only)

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0417 Shane Edwards

Dr. Shane Edwards

Patrick Kennedy
Main article: Shane Edwards
POI 0417 Wyatt Morris

Wyatt Morris

Daniel Sauli
Arrested and jailed for the suspected murder of Lucy, Shane Edwards' wife, Morris gets out after serving seven years in jail. Edwards tries to frame Morris for his own murder but is stopped by Reese and Finch. It is still unknown if it was Morris who killed Lucy.
POI 0417 Becca


Marjan Neshat
Becca is a friend and fellow doctor at Shane Edwards' practice who watches his dog when he is away on business. She tries to ask Edwards out but he politely turns her down. He later reconciles with her and agrees to go out.
POI 0417 Angela


Megan Tusing
Angela is a patient of Dr. Shane Edwards. She opens up to him about Clyde Barton's assault of her and Edwards in turn frames Barton for a bank robbery to avenge her.
POI 0417 Clyde Barton

Clyde Barton

Frank Carlo
Barton assaulted Angela, a patient of Dr. Edwards, but was never convicted. Edwards frames him for an attempted bank robbery to avenge Angela.
POI 0417 Brian Humphries

Brian Humphries

Matt Golden
Brian Humphries is the branch manager of a bank. Dr. Edwards tricks him into believing that Clyde Barton is attempting to rob their bank which results in Humphries alerting the bank security to take Barton down.
POI 0417 Bank Security Guard

Bank Security Guard

Gregory Konow
The security guard at the bank, he tackles Clyde Barton to the ground after being alerted by Brian Humphries of Barton's intention to rob them.

Past and Present

Image Name Played by
POI 0417 Alicia Corwin

Alicia Corwin

Elizabeth Marvel
Main article: Alicia Corwin
POI 0417 Iris Campbell

Iris Campbell

Wrenn Schmidt
Main article: Iris Campbell

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