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Episode 417: Karma

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2010 Finch warns Nathan that Alicia Corwin along with others who worked on the Machine might be getting killed by the government. Nathan refuses to believe that.

2010 Nathan is seen greeting Finch at the ferry when it suddenly explodes. News reports show that Nathan died in the explosion. An injured Finch walks up to the Machine and asks it if "it knew".

2010 A recently-injured and depressed Finch is going down the sidewalk in a wheelchair, he turns into an open alley which happens to lead him to the apt. Inside, he posts a picture of Alicia Corwin on the glass board and begins to research her. He anonymously calls Alicia using a scrambled voice filter and threatens that he knows what she and the government did to Nathan Ingram. Alicia is concerned about what she just heard and begins to call her supervisor in the government (not knowing that Finch is still silently connected listening to her conversation and is also preparing an improvised explosive). She requests to speak to the office of speacial counsel, to which Finch writes down on a list that includes the names of government people that he blames to Nathan's death. As Finch works on the IED the Machine informs Finch of a new number: himself. Surprised, Finch closes the laptop, unplugs it then stares at the posted photo of Alicia.

2010 Finch is heading to plant the bomb on Alicia's car when suddenly his phone rings, caller is unknown with no number. He stops to answer it but no one answers back. He continues to a quiet section of a park where he sees Alicia park and leave her vehicle. Suddenly the payphone next to Finch rings; he wrestles with the idea of answering it. When he finally does no one answers; Finch realizes that the Machine must be the one calling him trying to stop him from committing a crime. Finch walks up to the nearest surveillance camera to talk to the Machine, he asks the Machine if it is responsible for calling him and trying to dissuade him from planting the bomb. But Finch insists that he will do it and since he did not give the Machine a voice it "has nothing to say". He turns around and proceeds to go to Alicia's car to place the bomb.

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