Katya Rodchenko

POI 0407 Katya

Played byFaina Vitebsky

NameKatya Rodchenko



ResidenceRikers Island

AffiliationHole in the Wall gang

AssociatesTomas Koroa

First appearanceHonor Among Thieves

Latest appearancePoint of Origin

Images (3)

Katya Rodchenko is a member of Tomas Koroa's Hole-in-the-Wall gang.

To gain access to Tomas' gang she is framed by Team Machine, who plant drugs in her purse and has her arrested. This allows Shaw to go undercover as a driver in the gang. She is later interrogated by Fusco at the police station and reveals that that the rest of the gang was promised an extra $500,000 by their employer if they eliminated Tomas after the robbery . (“Honor Among Thieves”)

While searching for Shaw, Martine posing as a lawyer visits Katya in prison and using her daughter's picture forces her to reveal who recommended Shaw to Tomas. (“Point of Origin”)


Season 4

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