Ken Davis

POI 0318 Davis

Played byCasey Biggs

NameKen Davis

StatusUnknown (likely deceased)


ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

Decima Technologies

AssociatesJohn Greer
Rene LaPointe
Christos Sevon


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Ken Davis is the CEO of HydroCorp, an international energy company. He has connections to both the United Nations and Decima Technologies.

Character Background

Davis was hired by Decima to redirect a shipment of six generators from Kuwait to go to the US rather than Iraq, its intended destination, so Decima could use them to power their recently acquired supercomputer Samaritan. Omar Risha, the assistant and lover of Davis' employee Maria Martinez, learned about the missing generators, and Davis decided to forge paperwork to the United Nations framing Omar as a terrorist, thus getting him deported to Iraq, where he was bound to be killed by terrorists on the rise. Davis also decided to have Maria killed as she was working to clear Omar's name.

Davis is seen complimenting Maria during one of her work shifts. She gets a call from Omar's brother Jamal and goes to take it. She comes back and lies to Davis that it was merely another client.

After Omar reveals to Finch his knowledge on Davis' activities, Finch figures that Davis was behind an assassination attempt on Maria by French legionnaires, as French UN diplomat Rene LaPointe would have authority over them and Davis would have associates inside UN. Davis is confronted by NYPD detective Fusco, but he is unbothered, believing his power and NYPD inaccesibility to UN affairs will protect him. Men arrive and escort him away.

Following the saving of Maria's life and the arrest of corrupt Greek diplomat Christos Sevon (who is also working with Davis and kills LaPointe), Finch reports that Davis has emptied most of his digital records and hasn't been seen or heard from since then. Davis, meanwhile, is later seen meeting with Decima director Greer to report that the generators have been delivered and their plan remains hidden. Greer thanks Davis for his work and leaves as Decima men cover Davis' head with a black hood and take him away, presumably to be killed.

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