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Main Cast

Root Holder

Played by Amy Acker
Credit only

Bear Holder

Played by Graubaer's Boker
Credit only

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

POI 0315 Aaron

Aaron Hollenberg
Played by Julian Shatkin

POI 0315 Mac

Detective MacIntyre
Played by Tyler Evans

POI 0315 A

Operator A
Played by Nikiya Mathis

POI 0315 Solano

Played by Omar Gonzalez

POI 0315 Sec

Security Officer
Played by John Eric Parker

POI 0315 Man

Played by Adam Pagdon

POI 0315 Fore

Forensic Specialist
Played by Andrew Dolan

POI 0315 Holm

Brent Holm
Played by Robbie Collier Sublett

POI 0315 OpB

Operator B
Played by Jesse Jensen

POI 0315 OpA

Played by Barrett Doss

POI 0315 Todd

Played by Carson Elrod

POI 0315 Limo

Limo Driver
Played by Tommy Walker

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