Leila Smith

Leila Smith1x17

NameLeila Smith


Age6 months

ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

FamilyClaudia Cruz - mother
Adnan Petrosian - father
Sammy Cruz - grandfather
Veda Cruz - grandmother

AppearanceBaby Blue

Images (3)

Leila Smith is a six-month-old infant girl and a safe haven baby. She was named Leila Smith by Nurse Mary Abbot of St. Raymond's Clinic when she filed for her social security number. Her father's wife killed her mother and hired a group of people to kidnap her for sale in Eastern Europe.

Finch took her from the hospital before the she was taken from the U.S. She is later taken care of by Finch and Reese at The Library until they can safely give her to her mother's parents Sammy and Veda Cruz, who wish to keep her upon learning about her existence. However, she is kidnapped by the hired people, leading Reese and Finch to go after her. Afterwards, Reese finally manages to save her and she is finally given to her grandparents, who are joyous upon her arrival.

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