Leon Turski

POI 0105 Leon

Played byBill Tangradi

NameLeon Turski


ResidenceNew York, NY, USA



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Leon Turski is a member of SP-9.

He and Drost kidnapped Samuel Gates, Jr. and injured Reese while escaping. He is later found by Reese, knocked out and put in the trunk of his car to get information about the kidnapping.

Reese ripped open his shirt to expose the swan tattoo on his chest identifying him as a member of SP-9.

Later Reese knocks out Drost and puts him in the trunk of the same car along with Turski. He then unties Turski's hand and tells him to get the name of their boss from Drost in exchange for food. Turski is able to get the information. He's later "gift wrapped" for the NYPD by Reese and arrested.