Lester Strickland

POI 0316 Lester

Played byCasey Siemaszko

NameLester Strickland


ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

AssociatesDaniel Casey


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Lester Strickland was a friend of Daniel Casey.

Character Background


Strickland was at a bar when he was met by Rick Dillinger, who was investigating Casey. Strickland pretended not to know about Casey and Dillinger dismissed the matter before leaving. Strickland, however, then called Casey and warned him that he was being followed.

Strickland got a call from Casey later on asking for cover identities, which Strickland had prepared and kept ready for him. However, when he hung up, Strickland was held at gunpoint by CIA agent Kara Stanton.

While Stanton interrogated Strickland, a group of men burst in. Stanton shot Strickland in the head along with most of the men.

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