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Main Cast

POI 0311 Root

Played by Amy Acker

Recurring Cast

POI 0311 Hersh

Played by Boris McGiver

Guest Cast

POI 0311 Control3

Diane Claypool (Control)
Played by Camryn Manheim

POI 0311 Easton

Played by Tom Degnan

POI 0311 YoungFinch

Young Harold Finch (1979)
Played by Chris Bert

POI 0311 LilFinch

Young Harold Finch (1969/1971)
Played by Parker Brightman

POI 0311 Ross

Elizabeth Ross
Played by Jeanne Serralles

POI 0311 Biker

Biker #1
Played by Joe Urban

POI 0311 Trucker

Played by Eric T. Miller

POI 0311 Nurse

Claypool’s Nurse
Played by Nambi E. Kelley

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