Officer Lin

POI 0309 Thug

Played byKhalil Kain



OccupationPolice officer

ResidenceNew York, NY, USA


AppearanceThe Crossing

Images (2)

Officer Lin was a corrupt police officer who worked for HR.

Character Background

Lin was present along with HR members Patrick Simmons and William Petersen during the brutal interrogation of Lionel Fusco in their attempt to retrieve incriminating files on HR.

When Simmons threatened to kill Fusco's son Lee, Fusco finally gave in and told him a location where the files could be found. Simmons soon learned that Fusco lied, and ordered Lin to kill Lee while Fusco listened on the phone. Lin showed up in Lee's room with a gun, but was shot dead by Sameen Shaw, who then told Fusco that Lee was unharmed.

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