Lori Phipps

POI 0211 Lori7

Played byMary McCann

NameLori Phipps


OccupationAdministrative Assistant

ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

FamilyCaleb - son
Ryan - son (deceased)


Images (2)

Lori Phipps is an administrative assistant and the mother of Ryan and Caleb.

After Ryan died in a subway accident, Lori became depressed and began drinking. Supposedly investigating a robbery, Fusco visited her and planted a webcam in her apartment. He witnessed Lori having the "shakes" and deduced she was an alcoholic. On the webcam, Finch monitored Lori and saw Caleb caring for her and Lori promising to get better.

A suicidal Caleb created a trust fund for Lori with money he earned from his drug business and compression algorithm.

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