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Main Characters

Bear Holder

Played by Graubaer's Boker
Credit only

4x13 - Root

Played by Amy Acker

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0413 Dani Silva

Dani Silva

Adria Arjona
Main article: Dani Silva
POI 0413 Albert Weiss

Albert Weiss

Mason Pettit
A sales associate at a hardware store, he leads a double life as a freelance hitman and cleaner. Unsuspected because of his innocent demeanor, he is responsible for numerous kills for different mob families including police officers who have been on his trail. His number comes up when he gets the contract for Marcus Young. Although stopped by Fusco and Silva, he feigns getting beat up by Fusco and is released from police custody. He escapes again after a firefight with the detectives at the house where he disposes of the bodies. He comes to kill Silva at her home but is cornered by her and Fusco and after a brief fight is shot and killed by Silva.
POI 0413 Marcus Young

Marcus Young

Daniel J. Watts
A witness to a gang hit, he was about to testify against the people responsible. Albert Weiss was hired to kill Marcus but was stopped by Fusco and Silva and later killed. Marcus eventually testifies against the gang.

The Ant Farm

Image Name Played by
POI 0413 Leslie Thompson

Leslie Thompson

Maddie Corman
Her real name is Maryann Holst and she worked as a CVS in Pittsburgh before having a heart attack. She was rescued by Samaritan and fitted with a new pacemaker and given a second chance. After that she followed its instructions explicitly without question and became a councilwoman at Maple. She is kidnapped by Reese and Root and interrogated about Shaw's whereabouts. She leads them to its factory in Maple but they are unable to find Shaw. After seeing the extent of Samaritan's experiments she decides to quit her post but is admonished by Reese for destroying the town by blindly taking orders from Samaritan. Reese also warns her that Samaritan would be coming for her and that she deserves it.
POI 0413 Dr. Victor Haskell

Dr. Victor Haskell

John Leonard Thompson
A former member of the city council and a neurosurgeon at Maple hospital, he is framed for malpractice and fired as part of Samaritan's social experiment. He is questioned by Reese and Root and reveals that whoever questions authority at Maple is either fired or killed. He points them toward Mrs. Thompson who runs the day-to-day activities of Maple.
POI 0413 Chief Wicker

Chief Wicker

Brian Russell
He is the chief of police at Maple. Despite many cases of abuse of power he was promoted chief as part of Samaritan's social experiment. He is kidnapped by Root and Reese and interrogated about Shaw's whereabouts.
POI 0413 Officer Craig

Officer Craig

Darren Lipari
Chief Wicker's deputy at Maple police station, he informs Reese of Wickers long history of abuse of power. Reese tricks him into leaving the police station and steals the guns from the armory.
POI 0413 Larry


T.J. Kenneally
Laura's husband, they run the B&B at Maple. Reese and Root check into it posing as a couple and interrogate their suspects in the room without the knowledge of the husband and wife.
POI 0413 Laura


Julie Jesneck
Larry's wife, they run the B&B at Maple. Reese and Root check into it posing as a couple and interrogate their suspects in the room without the knowledge of the husband and wife.
POI 0413 Mason Bauer

Mason Bauer

Cormac Bluestone
A former trust funder he loses everything as part of Samaritan's social experiment and is forced to work as watchman at the junkyard. He kills Willy, a homeless man who wins the lottery, after seeing him on TV.
POI 0413 Dave


Brian Edwards
He is the security guard at Samaritan's transponder factory. Under duress from Reese and Root, Mrs Thompson bluffs him into letting them in the factory.
POI 0413 Doctor


Jonathan Tindle
A doctor working in Samaritan's factory at Maple, he surgically attaches neural implants fitted with transponders to subjects to relay information to Samaritan, letting the AI monitor them on an electrochemical level. He is kneecapped by Reese and questioned by Root.
POI 0413 Delia Jones

Delia Jones

Vanessa Wasche
She worked as a secretary at the stock exchange. She was injured in the gunfight and brought to Maple by Samaritan to be experimented on with neural implants. Mistaken for Shaw, Reese and Root follow her trail to Maple. She is rescued by Reese and later tended to by Dr. Madeleine Enright at Finch's safe house.
POI 0413 Willy


Robert Eckard
A homeless man in Maple, he wins the lottery as part of Samaritan's social experiment. He is shot and killed by Mason Bauer, a former trust funder who was forced to work as a watchman.
POI 0413 News Reporter

News Reporter

Victoria Arbiter
A TV news reporter, she covers the news of Willy winning the lottery.

The Afterlife

Image Name Played by
POI 0413 Shaw

Sameen Shaw

Sarah Shahi
Main article: Sameen Shaw
POI 0413 Greer

John Greer

John Nolan
Main article: John Greer

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