Macombs Dam Bridge

2x09 - Macombs Dam Bridge

NameMacombs Dam Bridge

First AppearanceFoe

Latest AppearanceC.O.D.

PurposeStand-in for Queensboro Bridge

StatusIn use

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The Macombs Dam Bridge serves as a filming location for Person of Interest.

Several scenes that are taking place at Queensboro Bridge were in fact filmed at Macombs Dam Bridge.

The Macombs Dam Bridge was originally a dam used to hold water for a tide powered gristmill owned and operated by a Robert Macomb when completed in 1814. It also served as a toll-bridge (fraction of revenues was used to help the poor) and a manually-operated canal lock in the same time period. At some point in its history, it was torn down when it was deemed a navigation hazard. After a long period of building and razing, it finally became the swing bridge that is known today, when completed in 1895. The 155th viaduct links up to the bridge and intersects with Harlem River Drive Service Road and Adam Clayton Powell Jr Boulevard.

A point of interest, Yankee Stadium is within striking distance of this location.

Appearances in Person of Interest

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