Martin LeRoux

POI 0501 Martin LeRoux

Played byDavid Aaron Baker


OccupationFBI Agent
Samaritan operative


First appearanceB.S.O.D.

Latest appearance.exe

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Martin LeRoux is an FBI agent who was secretly working for Samaritan as an assassin.

LeRoux was tasked along with Detective Joseph Soriano to question Fusco regarding the shooting of Dominic and Elias. He helped cover up the incident to stop Fusco from further investigating the assassinations. However, Soriano remained skeptical and questioned LeRoux regarding the ballistic report. Samaritan then marked Soriano as an obstructionist and had him killed to cover its tracks. (“B.S.O.D.”)

LeRoux later kidnapped Fusco after he continued to investigate the Samaritan related disappearances and confessed that he was the one responsible for the deaths of all the people found in the now demolished tunnel including Bruce Moran, Howard Carpenter and Krupa Naik.

LeRoux shot Fusco in the back but he survived on account of wearing a bullet-proof vest, he overpowered LeRoux and stole his gun. It is left unclear what Fusco did to him but he later quipped to Reese that he has LeRoux in the trunk of his car. (“.exe”)



Season 5

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