Molly Nelson

POI 0220 Molly

Played byAllison Scagliotti

NameMolly Nelson


OccupationCollege Student

ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

FamilyRichard Nelson - father

AppearanceIn Extremis

Images (1)

Molly Nelson is Dr. Richard Nelson's daughter and a college student and political activist.

Molly's parents were divorced after her father had an affair. While in college, she was suspended for a semester for assaulting a police officer during a campus demonstration. She and her father had always had a strained relationship and she once threw red paint at him because the university used lab animals for medical research.

However, unknown to Molly, Dr. Nelson was poisoned with Polonium and had only 24 hours to live. To get his affairs in order, Dr. Nelson met Molly to see how she was doing. He apologized for not being more involved in her life and said that he was always proud of her. Moved, Molly promised to call him later. In his last moments he called Molly and spoke with her briefly telling her he loved her before saying goodbye. He died a moment later.

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