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Main Cast

POI 0402 Root

Played by Amy Acker

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0402 Claire

Claire Mahoney

Quinn Shephard
Main article: Claire Mahoney
POI 0402 PMC


David Starzyk
A military operative working for the private military organization Silverpool. He initially appears posing as Douglas Mahoney, the deceased father of Claire Mahoney, and voices his concern over the girl's safety to Reese, who is investigating the Mahoney household. His cover is blown soon after when he and his accomplice try to kidnap Claire and briefly fight Reese before managing to escape. His team later follows Claire outside a biker bar when they are knocked out and interrogated by Reese. David reveals that Claire hacked Silverpool, and they are hunting her due to potential possession of incriminating documents. Silverpool is later exposed to the public and shut down in order to eliminate competition with Samaritan.
POI 0402 Geek

Hipster Geek

Dan McCabe
A college student who was Claire Mahoney's rival in the Nautilus challenge. Claire sabotaged his chances by making him the target of an unruly biker. Reese was able to save his life and persuaded him to drop out of the dangerous game.
POI 0402 Biker

Jackass Biker

Brendan Burke
A member of a Biker bar, which contained one of the clues to the Nautilus challenge. He tried to hit on Claire but she tricked him into attacking one of her rivals. Reese intervened and knocked him out.
POI 0402 Barista


Quinn Meyers
An employee at a local coffee shop who was tasked by Samaritan to hang out posters with hints to the next step in the Nautilus puzzle. He was later questioned by Finch and Shaw in disguise.
POI 0402 PMC2


Marco Reininger
A Silverpool mercenary who cornered Claire on top of the Nautilus building. Intent on executing Claire after retrieving the incriminating evidence against Silverpool, he and his men were killed by a Samaritan sniper.

Other Characters

Image Name Played by
POI 0402 Romeo


Andreas Damm
Main article: Romeo
POI 0402 Student

Pushy Student

Samantha Posey
She is a student at the university where Finch works undercover as Harold Whistler. She came to Finch to negotiate better marks on one of her papers.
POI 0402 Tough1

Street Tough #1

Antoine Harris
He is the driver of the car Claire fired upon to frame Finch to stop him from following her. Reese was able to intervene and stop him from attacking Finch.

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