This article discusses a group, project, or location which also exists outside the Person of Interest universe.
Its portrayal in the show may differ significantly from its real-world counterpart.
New Rochelle

New Rochelle

NameNew Rochelle

First AppearanceBlue Code”(mentioned)

Latest AppearanceMany Happy Returns

ConnectionPeter and Jessica's home



LocationWestchester County, NY, U.S.

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New Rochelle is a city in Westchester County, New York.[1]

Notable Locations

  • Peter and Jessica Arndt's home is at 28 Muir Place.
  • The hospital where Jessica worked and Finch was treated after his accident.
  • Jessica's mother Sharon's house.
  • Police station and coroner's office.

Notable Events


Peter and Jessica start a down payment for their house in New Rochelle. (“Blue Code”)



Jessica calls Reese because she wants to talk. She feels miserable because Peter started to assault her physically. (“Matsya Nyaya”)


Jessica and Peter are seen arguing and Peter pushes Jessica, who falls and hits her head on the kitchen counter top and is instantly killed. Peter arranges a car accident to make it appear that Jessica died in the roll-over crash. (“Many Happy Returns”)



Reese is on a bus to New Rochelle. He enters the hospital in New Rochelle where Jessica worked as a nurse and proceeds to the nurses' station, where he asks about her whereabouts. He learns that Jessica died in a car crash two months previously. On the way out he unknowingly runs into Finch who was in a wheelchair receiving treatment after his accident. Reese goes back to Peter's house and waits for him to return. The events on that day that led to Peter's disappearance remain uncertain. (“Many Happy Returns”)



Agent Donnelly has traced Reese's DNA back to a cold case New Rochelle and asks Carter to assist him. Carter talks to the coroner and Jessica's mother Sharon and finds out that Reese is somehow involved in Peter's disappearance. (“Many Happy Returns”)



POI 0115 sign

The New Rochelle sign

  • The address, 28 Muir Place, doesn't match properly. While Muir Place is a valid location, it doesn't coincide with the images shown in the episode which place the house next to a lake.
  • Some scenes that took place in New Rochelle in “Many Happy Returns” were filmed in Harrison, NY.[2]
  • The sign for the town of New Rochelle was designed and created by Norman Rockwell.


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