Nicola Petrosian


Played byKate Hodge

NameNicola Petrosian


ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

FamilyAdnan Petrosian - husband
Bradley - son

AppearanceBaby Blue

Images (2)

Nicola Petrosian is the wife of Adnan Petrosian and the mother of Bradley Petrosian.

When she found out about her husband's affair with Claudia Cruz, and his illegitimate daughter Leila Smith, Nicola killed Claudia and had Leila kidnapped. Reese breaks into their house and confronts her husband about Leila being kidnapped, but Adnan says he has no idea what Reese is talking about. At the same time, Detective Carter recovers the murder weapon which has Nicola's prints on it, matching those from a road rage incident she was involved in ten years before. Carter warns Reese who confronts Nicola, who says she did it to protect her family's reputation. However, she is unable to help him find the baby. After the lab confirms that Nicola murdered Claudia, Carter sends Detective Lionel Fusco to arrest her for the crime.

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