Nicole Spencer

3x04 - NicoleSpencer

Played byAnnika Boras

NameNicole M. Spencer


OccupationVenture capitalist (formerly)

ResidenceNYC and Andover, MA

FamilyJeremy Watkins - lover

AppearanceReasonable Doubt

Images (4)

Nicole Spencer is Vanessa Watkins' best friend. She is having an affair with Watkins' husband Jeremy, and was preparing to run away with Jeremy after he faked his death.

Nicole attended Dartmouth University with Vanessa. She hosts a weekly book club meeting at her house, which is largely a pretext for the group to read erotic fiction, gossip and drink. Shaw attends a meeting undercover as a friend of Nicole's friend Mindy. After Finch found out about Nicole's affair with Jeremy, Shaw confronts Nicole about the affair, brandishes a gun and informs the women she is there to protect them regardless of her opinion of them, then casually asked about the topic of a book they are reading.

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