POI 0204 O

Played byOtto Sanchez


OccupationBounty hunter

ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

AffiliationGeorge Massey


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Ochoa is a bounty hunter hired by George Massey to hunt down Riley Cavanaugh and Annie Delaney.

Despite Elias making it so that the bounty was "forbidden fruit" which called off the bounty hunters, Ochoa still took the bounty and tracked down Riley and Annie at Grand Central Station. Seeing the cops going after Riley, Ochoa starts a fire and kidnaps Annie, taking her to George's nightclub the Emerald Pearl. Ochoa agrees to take only half of the bounty as he only got Annie, but Riley shows up with John Reese as backup. Together, the two men kill George and his men, but Riley is wounded. Ochoa, who remained out of the gunfight, approaches Riley after he kills George and murders Riley.

Just as he was preparing to leave town Reese tracked him down to his apartment. He offered Reese the money he got from George Massey to let him go but Reese just smiled and said that he's not there for the money before presumably killing him.

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