Omar Risha

POI 0318 Omar

Played byHaaz Sleiman

NameOmar Risha


Date of birthAugust 5, 1983


OriginBaghdad, Iraq

FamilyJamal - brother
Maria Martinez - fiancee


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Omar Risha is a translator working with Maria Martinez, who he later falls in love with. He has a brother, Jamal.

Character Background

Omar Risha was born on August 5, 1983, in Baghdad, Iraq.

Omar worked as a translator in Iraq for Maria Martinez, an engineer from the international energy company HydralCorp. He was in a convoy with Maria during the shipment of six generators from Kuwait to Iraq. They were ambushed by terrorists and Omar saved Maria's life. His continuous help to Maria led the two to fall in love and they planned to get married in the USA. The generators, meanwhile, were secretly shipped elsewhere by HydralCorp's corrupt CEO Ken Davis, and Omar found out about it. He planned to leave Iraq as he was receiving death threats there, but his knowledge on Davis' activities led Davis to frame him as a terrorist using his connections to the United Nations, and to have him deported back to Iraq, where he was bound to be killed. Omar decides to request asylum in the USA.

Finch poses as Omar's lawyer to meet with him, and Omar confides his knowledge of Davis' activities after Finch says he is helping Maria and had her saved from an assassination attempt. Guards come in and tell Omar is asylum request has been denied, and as he is taken away, he begs Finch to save him.

Reese poses as a truck driver and knocks out one of the guards in the truck carrying Omar, and instead takes him to Finch's safe house. They say that they're helping him, and tell him that Maria is going to the office of corrupt UN diplomat Rene LaPointe, who has the real paperwork approving Omar's asylum (the terrorist report being forged by Davis). Omar goes with Reese and Fusco to the UN building.

Posing as firefighters to respond to a smoke threat (a grenade being fired by Shaw to provide a way for them to come), Omar, Reese and Fusco come into the building but are confronted by more hitmen. Shaw fires another smoke grenade and Reese and Fusco fight off the men. They make their way into LaPointe's office, where they stop corrupt Greek diplomat Christos Sevon from killing Maria. Omar and Maria happily reunite.

At a diner with an open view of the New York skyline, Omar and Maria talk and Fusco reports to Omar that his asylum has been approved and Sevon has been apprehended. Omar and Maria kiss.

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