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Main Cast

4x01 - Root

Played by Amy Acker

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0401 Ali

Ali Hasan

Navid Negahban
Main article: Ali Hasan
Owner of an electronics shop located in The Bronx, run by himself with the help of his son Ben.
POI 0401 Ben

Ben Hasan

Eshan Bay
Ali Hasan's son who helps him run an electronics shop in the Bronx. Ali was contacted by Link to build The Brotherhood a mesh network that would allow them to communicate privately without the police listening in. When Ali refused to help them and attempted to assassinate Link, The Brotherhood kidnapped Ben to force Ali's hand. However Reese was able to intervene and rescue Ben from Link and his men.

Old Friends and New Threats

Image Name Played by
POI 0401 Elias


Enrico Colantoni
Main article: Elias
Elias helps Reese track down The Brotherhood and provides information about a drug shipment referred to as "the Whale".
POI 0401 Scar


David Valcin
Main article: Scarface
Elias's right-hand man takes out one of the Brotherhood's SUVs with a truck. This gives Reese gives probable cause to check out the house where Link is processing the heroin.
POI 0401 Link


Jamie Hector
Main article: Link
Lincoln Cordell, also known as Link, is second-in-command of The Brotherhood criminal gang and right-hand man to Dominic.
POI 0401 Wood


Leopold Manswell
A member of The Brotherhood who abducted Ali's son Ben. Wood gets questioned by Reese about where Link is, and tells him that he's busy bringing in a shipment called "the Whale".

Link's Lieutenant

Jimmy Martinez
Link's second-in-command, he oversees the the security at the safe house where the drug shipment known as The Whale is cut. Working with Reese , Scarface rams the lieutenant's van with his semi and tells him that Elias says hello.
POI 0401 Cop

NYPD Queens Officer

David Carranza
The beat cop arrives at the scene where Reese took down members of The Brotherhood. He also speaks with a DHS Agent telling her that it's a gang war over drugs.

The World Has Changed

Image Name Played by
4x01 - Greer

John Greer

John Nolan
Main article: John Greer
Greer meets with Senator Garrison and discusses that Samaritan has been successful stopping potential terrorist attacks. When Garrison leaves, Greer asks Samaritan if it's time to kill Garrison, Samaritan responds, "Not Yet."
4x01 - Garrison

Ross Garrison

John Doman
Main article: Ross Garrison
He meets with Greer to discuss the progresss with Samaritan. Garrison wonders where the information being collected by Samaritan is going, since Decima has been closed.
4x01 - Martine

Martine Rousseau

Cara Buono
Main article: Martine Rousseau
A key Samaritan operative. Her mandate is to eliminate threats to Samaritan's survival.
POI 0401 Novak


Frederick Weller
A journalist working in Budapest. Through the course of his investigation he discovered the existence of Samaritan and subsequently was laid off by his employer for his investigation into Samaritan. Later drinking at a bar he meets a beautiful woman and curious as to whether she believes in a higher power proceeds to tell her about his investigation and how he believes a powerful AI has slipped into the world and is now eliminating it's competition and anyone who can reveal it's existence. The woman confirms his suspicion and tells him that he is one of three people to have figured it out and the other two will die in a traffic accident in Seattle. She then takes out her gun and shoots a shocked Novak.

Other People

Image Name Played by
POI 0401 Romeo


Andreas Damm
Main article: Romeo
The leader of a team of bank robbers that Shaw joins upon instructions from the Machine. Romeo initially uses the name to attempt to find a date with Shaw over the dating site Angler, to which Shaw expresses both doubt and annoyance especially after Root's encouragement to accept. Shaw decides to meet with Romeo after the completion of a case and is surprised to see her "date" in fact be a robber.
POI 0401 Chair

University Department Chair

Andrew Polk
The University Department Chair is a professor at the university where Finchworks undercover as Harold Whistler. Because of the low number of students in attendance he informs Finch that he may be reassigned to a smaller classroom. He also expresses surprise at the large grant Finch seemed to have received for his obscure field of study.
POI 0401 Mgr

Department Store Floor Manager

Michael Burg
Main article: Department Store Floor Manager
Image Name Played by
POI 0401 Low


Tama Filianga
A local drug dealer who wants to sell uncut Afghan snow. He meets with another guy who is Reese's posing as undercover cop Detective Riley. The dealer gets eventually kneecapped with his own gun when he tries to kill Reese.
POI 0401 Off

NYPD Officer

Jason Carvell
He and several other NYPD officers arrive at the crime scene where Detective Riley shot a group of drug dealers. He asks if Riley needs to file a report after firing his service weapon, but Riley says that it wasn't his gun.
POI 0401 Speaker

Positivity Speaker

Shawn Parsons
The positivity speaker leads a self-help seminar where the Machine summons Reese and Shaw to join in order for them to meet undetected.
POI 0401 Tech

IT Tech

Braeson Herold
The IT tech works at the NYPD 8th Precinct. He prepares a computer for Detective Riley when he gets transferred to the 8th.

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