Paul Carter

POI 0308 Paul

Played byLaz Alonso

NamePaul Carter


OccupationU.S. Army (formerly)

ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

FamilyJoss Carter (ex-wife)
Taylor Carter (son)

AffiliationU.S. Army (formerly)

First appearanceEndgame

Latest appearanceThe Devil's Share

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Paul Carter is Joss Carter's ex husband, a former U.S. Army soldier who saw combat, and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result. Initially, he refused to seek treatment for his PTSD.

Character Background

POI 0308 Taylor

Taylor, Paul and Joss' son


Paul confronted his ex-wife, Off. Joss Carter, outside her precinct about their relationship and her refusal to allow him to see their son, Taylor. Paul had recently returned to New York City after disappearing for two years and had taken a job working construction. After arguing briefly, Joss gave Paul an ultimatum that if he did not seek counseling, she would not allow him to see Taylor.

Some time later that year, Paul showed up unannounced at Joss' house, and her babysitter Lisa called Joss, who rushed home to confront Paul. They argued again and Paul became enraged, smashing a lamp and causing Joss to reach for her sidearm. She ordered him to leave her house and did not see him again for three years.


Paul later reappeared at Joss' precinct. This time, their meeting was much more amicable and Paul showed Joss his VA card to prove that he was seeking counseling as she had requested. He left her with his phone number in case she or Taylor needed him.


While protecting Carter from Elias' efforts to kill her, John Reese notes that Paul, who he doesn't call by name, hasn't been in her or Taylor's life for some time. (“Get Carter”)


In the present day, while Joss was on her one-woman quest to take down HR, she was able to leave Taylor with Paul for safe-keeping, feeling Taylor would be safe with Paul. (“Endgame”)

When Joss died at the hands of Patrick Simmons (“The Crossing”), he and Taylor were present with the other members of the NYPD and Joss' former partner Lionel Fusco at her funeral. (“The Devil's Share”)


  • In a Nov 12, 2013 tweet, the POI Writer's Room explained that Paul is Joss's ex-husband.
  • The "Service Connected" status on Paul's VA card indicates that he is no longer active duty, was honorably discharged and has a disability due to his time in the service.

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