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A person of interest (POI) is an individual who will be involved in a violent crime. The Machine, without indicating whether the individual is the victim or the perpetrator, supplies the POI's Social Security number to Reese and Finch, who study their background and attempt to prevent the violent crime from occurring.

Since Season 1, the intro has provided some scenes from the episode. Starting with "Masquerade", an ID is shown with the person of interest.

Season 1Edit

Main article: Persons of Interest (Season 1)

Notable numbersEdit

Season 2Edit

Main article: Persons of Interest (Season 2)

Notable numbersEdit

Season 3Edit

Main article: Persons of Interest (Season 3)

Notable Numbers:Edit

Other NumbersEdit

Persons of Interest who either appeared in a flashback or in a side arc providing background information relevant to the main event.

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Relevant NumbersEdit

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