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Main Cast

Root Holder

Root "Credit Only"
Played by Amy Acker

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0406 Walter

Walter Dang

Erik Jensen
Main article: Walter Dang
An employee at Withering Insurance who is moonlighting as a fake NYPD detective. The Machine produces his number after Walter starts digging into the mysterious death of his coworker's brother, who was involuntarily involved with The Brotherhood.
POI 0406 Elena1

Elena Mindler

Michaela Waters
Walter's coworker at Withering Insurance. Her brother Abel allegedly committed suicide by jumping out of a building. Elena is sad that he didn't leave her a note, so Walter decides to help her by finding out what really happened. Walter has romantic feelings for Elena which she is unaware of.
POI 0406 Needlehoe

Mr. Needlehoe

Jeff Solomon
Walter's boss at Withering Insurance. He tells Shaw some basic rules about working at the firm on her first day.

Elias and Dominic

Image Name Played by
POI 0406 Elias


Enrico Colantoni
Main article: Elias
POI 0406 Scar


David Valcin
Main article: Scarface
POI 0406 Dom


Winston Duke
Main article: Dominic
POI 0406 Armor

The Armorer

Ohene Cornelius
A weapons dealer from Chicago who supposedly brought in a hundred next generation weapons by leveraging Banks Van Hess, a port authority supervisor. The Armorer is actually a member of The Brotherhood who was used by Dominic to take the fall if the deal went bad. He kidnapped Walter to find out the location of the truck holding his weapons but Reese and Fusco with the help of Elias and Scarface were able to rescue him. He was killed by Scarface when he tried to shoot Elias.
POI 0406 Banks

Banks Van Hess

Oliver Henzler
A supervisor the port authority at a local airport. He hired Abel Mindler to transport the weapon delivery. When Abel ditched the truck and jumped to his death, the Armorer thought that Van Hess would know where the truck is and had him interrogated and later killed.
4x06 - Abel's Friendczar page

Abel Mindler

Elena's brother who worked as a truck driver. He gets hired by Banks Van Hess to transport a shipment, but when Abel discovers that he was transporting guns for The Brotherhood, he got scared and ditched the truck. The Brotherhood, led by the Armorer tracked Abel down, demanding the location for the truck. Abel wouldn't give it to them and jumped to his death.
POI 0406 Cop

Airport Cop

Mark St. Cyr
A security guard at the port authority at the local airport where Banks Van Hess worked. Walter gained access to Van Hess' office by lying to the guard about being a cop.
POI 0406 Vault

Vault Receptionist

Lorraine Farris
The receptionist works at the vault where Reese meets Elias. She welcomes Reese and tells him that "Mr. Elias is expecting him".
POI 0406 Fake

Fake Evidence Sergeant

Eddie Clark
A member of The Brotherhood who smuggled himself in the NYPD gun locker in order to acquire the prototype weapon. When Fusco checked in the prototype, the fake sergant and his accomplice knocked Fusco out and took the gun.
POI 0406 Mask

Masked Man #1

Kevin McGrue
A member of the The Brotherhood, he kidnapped Walter on the orders of The Armorer.
POI 0406 Man

Airport Masked Man #1

Yinka Adeboyeku
A member of The Brotherhood, he and his accomplice tortured and killed Banks Van Hess on orders from The Armorer.

Hong Kong and Samaritan

Image Name Played by
POI 0406 Greer

John Greer

John Nolan
Main article: John Greer
POI 0406 Beth

Elizabeth Bridges

Jessica Hecht
Main article: Elizabeth Bridges
POI 0406 Mugger

Hong Kong Mugger

Robert Chang
A restaurant delivery guy in Hong Kong whom Finch pays to stage a robbery and steal Elizabeth Bridges' laptop. When Elizabeth wanted to call the police, Finch pretends to know where to find the mugger, and convinces Elizabeth that they could get their bags back. They eventually find the mugger, and Finch knocks him out with an umbrella. Finch later pays the guy some money for faking the robbery, and asks him if he installed a software on Elizabeth's laptop.
POI 0406 Rep

Samaritan Representative

Louis Lourens
Main article: Samaritan Representative

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