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Main Characters

Bear Holder

Bear (Credit Only)
Played by Graubaer's Boker

POI 0415 Root

Played by Amy Acker

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0415 Anna Mueller

Anna Mueller

Bella Dayne
She works as a transcriber for Fetch and Retrieve's new program called VAL: Voice Activated Lookup. To try and deal with her sister's ongoing chemotherapy she also moonlights as a kick boxer in an underground fight ring. When she suspects that VAL is nudging potential suicide victims into commuting suicide rather than helping them, she informs her superiors of the problem only to be targeted by Calvin Mazer, F&R Chief Technical Officer. The Machine sends her number to Reese and Finch.
POI 0415 Lauren Buchanan

Lauren Buchanan

Heléne Yorke
The CEO of, she was unaware of Calvin Mazer tampering with their new program VAL, which resulted in the possible suicide of a user, Paul Zimmerman. When Anna brings this to her notice she dismisses her claims and tells her to drop the matter. She later learns the truth and berates Mazer when he corners her, Anna and Naresh with his thugs but is rescued by Reese and Fusco. Due to this incident Fetch and Retrieve's stock prices fall and she is forced to meet with Greer who proposes a possible merger.
POI 0415 Calvin Mazer

Calvin Mazer

Nick Westrate
He is the Chief Technical Officer at and is responsible for some of the most valuable search algorithms in the industry including VAL: Voice Activated Lookup. However he tampered with VAL's search algorithms in such a way that it targeted hundreds of users of payday loans, online gambling, anti-depressants, all of which were sold by Fetch and Retrieve's advertisers. This resulted in the possible suicide of Paul Zimmerman and when Anna started looking into it he tried to have her killed. With the help of Reese and Fusco she is able to expose Mazer and he is later arrested.
POI 0415 Naresh

Naresh Prasad

Omar Maskati
He is Anna's co-worker at and a mid-level coder. After suspecting Paul Zimmerman committed suicide due to VAL malfunctioning, Anna asks him to look into it. When he pointed it out to his superiors, they promoted him to VP of data access to buy his silence. Later Fusco convinces him to help fetch the algorithm for VAL from F&R servers to save Anna's life.
POI 0415 Alek


Kazy Tauginas
He is Anna's trainer at the underground fight club where she competes. He is seen congratulating her when she beats her opponent in a fight in a matter of seconds.


Image Name Played by
POI 0415 Claire Mahoney

Claire Mahoney

Quinn Shephard
Main article: Claire Mahoney
POI 0415 Greer

John Greer

John Nolan
Main article: John Greer
POI 0415 Samaritan Representative

Samaritan Representative

Louis Lourens
Main article: Samaritan Representative
POI 0415 Samaritan Tech

Samaritan Tech

Fiona Choi
A technician working for Greer, she informs him of finding and destroying a GPS tracker Finch had installed in the laptop that Claire retrieved. Even as the entire networking history of the laptop was erased, Greer tells her to be careful going through it.


Image Name Played by
POI 0415 Receptionist


Ayana Workman
The receptionist at Fetch and Retrieve's office she welcomes Finch, under the guise of Harold Whistler, to their premises to meet Lauren Buchanan and Calvin Mazer. She later informs Anna when Laurel calls her to her office.
POI 0415 Referee


Andrew Criss
He is the referee and announcer at the underground fight club where Anna competes.
POI 0415 Busy Coder

Busy Coder

Kenneth McCoy
He is a coder and Anna and Naresh's co-worker at

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