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Main Characters

POI 0507 Root

Played by Amy Acker

POI 0507 Bear

Played by Gotcha

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0507 Max Greene

Max Greene

Scott Adsit
A conspiracy theorist, he hosted "Mysterious Transmissions", a late-night radio talk show centering on paranormal phenomena. He was targeted by Samaritan after Max recognized a secret code hidden in radio signals which was being used by Samaritan to contact its operatives. Although Reese and Root saved his life he refused to go into hiding and went on air to reveal the truth about the radio signals after promising Root he would lie. He was poisoned to death by Brittany, a Samaritan operative.


Image Name Played by
POI 0507 Jeremy Lambert

Jeremy Lambert

Julian Ovenden
Main article: Jeremy Lambert
POI 0507 Briggs


Kim Ramirez
Main article: Briggs
POI 0507 Brittany


Abbi Snee
The receptionist at the radio station, she introduced Root, who was working undercover as a producer, to Max. However, she was secretly a Samaritan operative and poisoned Max after receiving instructions from Samaritan via the hidden code in the radio signals.
POI 0507 Samaritan Doctor

Samaritan Doctor

Samantha Buck
A doctor working at the facility where Shaw was being held, she was designated as "ASSET 1242" by Samaritan. She tried to sedate Shaw after informing her of her visit to the outside world, but was easily overpowered by her. Shaw locked her out of the room and tried to use her syringe to kill herself but stopped after receiving Root's transmission through the radio.
POI 0507 Barrett


Christopher Stadulis
A Samaritan operative designated as "ASSET 1561", he was sent to kill Max Greene after he discovered Samaritan's secret code hidden in radio signals. He cornered Root but was shot by Reese before he could take her in.


Image Name Played by
POI 0507 Vasily Mikhaev

Vasily Mikhaev

Kushtrim Hoxha
A consultant at the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, his number came up when his enemies tried to assassinate him at the ballet but Root, undercover as a ballerina, saved his life. To thank her, Vasily promised to take her to his hometown of Plateliai including Zemaitija National Park which houses the Dvina Missile Silo.
POI 0507 Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter

Edward Chin-Lyn
The host of a paranormal reality show, he possessed a electromagnetic frequency meter which Root stole under instructions from The Machine. She later used it to identify a Samaritan infected electronic printer and through it sent a message to Shaw.

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