RJ Phillips


Played byAlano Miller

NameRobert Johnson Phillips




AffiliationU.S. Navy


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Robert Johnson "RJ" Phillips is a non-commissioned officer with the US Navy and friend of Jack Salazar.

RJ is a naval petty officer third class who works in the shipboard mail delivery system with Jack.

While his ship, the USS Colorado was docked in NYC for Fleet Week 2013, Jack and RJ left the ship together for a one day liberty, each responsible to make sure the other returned to the ship before midnight. They visited a dive bar in Hell's Kitchen where they participated in a bar brawl with a group of marines. Later, they visited an underground nightclub where RJ picked up a prostitute.

RJ had a habit of collecting a "tax" on some of the shipments he was responsible for. He had given Jack some Cuban cigars he had stolen from a shipment being transported on the USS Colorado for an Admiral. RJ also pilfered uncut conflict diamonds stolen by a rogue USMC "force reconn" team under the command of an operator known as RIP.  RJ was captured by RIP's team to try and find them. RJ was taped to a sophisticated IED and RIP threatened to detonate it if Jack did not return the uncut diamonds RJ had stolen and also handle the trade off with the fence.

With the help of the entire team, Jack and RJ were saved from being killed but it was Fusco who was able to remove the detonator from the IED RJ was attached to just as RIP triggered it, truly saving RJ's life.

RJ took full responsibility and the sole punishment for he and Jack returning late to their ship from liberty.

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