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3x04 - PHOTO Vanessa

S03-WhiteSquare S03-WhiteSquareRedCorners

  • Social Security Number: Unknown
  • Known Alias: Ruth Shain
  • Occupation: Defense Attorney , Founder of "The Innocence Project", former District Attorney
  • Associates: Jeremy Watkins (husband), Nicole Spencer (friend), Reginald Marshall (associate)
When she becomes the main suspect in the death of the husband, she is put on trial by Finch and Carter without the benefit of reasonable doubt.
3x04 - Dr.RachelJansen


  • Social Security Number: Unknown
  • Known Aliases: None
  • Occupation: Veterinarian
  • Associates: Unknown
She became a person of interest when a group of armed men attempted to steal Ketamine from her office. Rescued by Reese and Bear, Finch suggested that Dr. Jensen would make a good vet for Bear.

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