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Main Characters

POI 0508 Root

Played by Amy Acker

POI 0508 Bear

Played by Gotcha

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0508 James Ko

James Ko

James Chen
A Chinese businessman, he was infected by Samaritan with avian flu and live human flu virus to create a super virus. Ko succumbed to the virus and the hospital he was at was quarantined. The Machine was able to create an anti-viral and stop the outbreak but Samaritan still achieved its objective as the fear of the outbreak convinced people to give their DNA willingly to be tested for future outbreaks. Samaritan planned to use this information for what it called the next "Great Filter".


Image Name Played by
POI 0508 Carl Elias

Carl Elias

Enrico Colantoni
Main article: Carl Elias
POI 0508 Frank Capello

Frank Capello

James Ciccone
A former associate of Elias, he ran a transportation business. His trucks were being used by Samaritan to deliver explosives for the demolition of a tunnel. Fusco questioned him and learnt that Jeff Blackwell was working as one of his drivers under the alias of Patrick Dodson.


Image Name Played by
POI 0508 Jeremy Lambert

Jeremy Lambert

Julian Ovenden
Main article: Jeremy Lambert
POI 0508 Jeffrey Blackwell

Jeffrey Blackwell

Josh Close
Main article: Jeffrey Blackwell
POI 0508 Mona


Main article: Mona
POI 0508 Briggs


Kim Ramirez
Main article: Briggs
POI 0508 Samuel


Antonio Lyons
A prisoner at Samaritan's Johannesburg facility where Shaw was being held, he was being beaten up by his cell-mates until Shaw rescued him. He and Shaw went their different ways as he said he still had friends trapped in the facility that he couldn't leave behind. Before leaving Shaw told him to look her up if he was ever in New York.
POI 0508 Sid


Martin Ewans
Another prisoner at Samaritan's Johannesburg facility, he and his partner were beating up Samuel before Shaw broke into their cell and knocked them out.
POI 0508 Orderly

Orderly #1

Leajato Robinson
An orderly at Samaritan's Johannesburg facility, he and Lambert were the first to search Shaw's room after she escaped.


Image Name Played by
POI 0508 Dr. Mason

Dr. Mason

Jenna Stern
An epidemiologist at Saint Teresa's hospital, she was working in the ER when James Ko checked himself in. When Ko died after receiving an anti-viral injection she ordered for a blood test. After it was revealed that Ko was infected with a super virus she asked Reese who was there as Detective Riley to help lock down the facility while she treated the patients. She had earlier filed a complaint about errors in the new health care database and as Samaritan was manipulating the entire health care system through the database, it ordered Jeff Blackwell to kill Dr. Mason. However Reese and Fusco intervened to save her life.
POI 0508 Administrator Garcia

Administrator Garcia

Mark H. Dold
The administrator at Saint Teresa's hospital, he was working for Samaritan and helped manipulate the health care database. He destroyed the antivirals which could've slowed down the virus outbreak but was attacked by Bear on Finch's command and later arrested.
POI 0508 Nurse Carroll

Nurse Carroll

Sonnie Brown
One of the nurses working in the ER at Saint Teresa's hospital, she treated the patients alongside Dr. Mason during the virus outbreak. She had also filed a complaint about errors in the new health care database and was thus targeted by Samaritan. Jeff Blackwell stabbed her with a syringe containing James Ko's infected blood and although she didn't die she did suffer permanent kidney damage.
POI 0508 Paulie


John Mondin
The security guard at Saint Teresa's hospital, he helped Reese quarantine the ER after the virus outbreak.
POI 0508 Gangster

Gangster #1

Ras Enoch McCurdie
One of the gangsters present in the ER of Saint Teresa's hospital, he tried to escape from the quarantine after the virus outbreak and pulled a gun on Reese but was knocked out by Paulie.
POI 0508 Punk Rocker Girl

Punk Rocker Girl

Christina Saragaglia
One of the patients in the ER at Saint Teresa's hospital, she was infected during the virus outbreak and presumably died.
POI 0508 Mother


Jennifer Fouche
The mother of a young girl, she and her daughter were present in the ER during the virus outbreak. They both survived the outbreak.
POI 0508 Rugby Player

Rugby Player

Jon Collin Barclay
A patient in the ER during the virus outbreak, he tried to steal the wrong antivirals and was subdued by Reese.
POI 0508 Patrolman


Brian Michael
A police officer stationed outside one of the entrances of Saint Teresa's hospital, he was tricked by Fusco into letting him inside the quarantined area.
POI 0508 News Reporter

News Reporter

Robin Rieger
A local news reporter, she was covering the virus outbreak at Saint Teresa's hospital.


Image Name Played by
POI 0508 Ally


Elena Shaddow
Jeff Blackwell's ex-girlfriend, Jeff met up with her after he started working for Samaritan. He tried to rekindle their relationship but she turned him down saying she couldn't go through all that hardship again.

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