Rene Lapointe

POI 0318 Lap

Played byMichel Gill

NameRene Lapointe



AffiliationUnited Nations

AssociatesKen Davis
Christos Sevon


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Rene Lapointe was a French diplomat part of the United Nations.

Character Background

Lapointe article

Article about Lapointe. (“Allegiance”)

Lapointe is seen being photographed by Maria Martinez, the lover of Omar Risha, a man framed as a terrorist by corrupt businessman Ken Davis and on his way to being deported back to Iraq. Maria places a GPS tracker on Lapointe's car and follows him.

At a party, Maria approaches Lapointe and places down paperwork proving that Omar is not a terrorist. She asks Lapointe to approve Omar's asylum in the USA, but Lapointe isn't ready to immediately agree to the deal and has security escort Maria out. Greek diplomat Christos Sevon takes Maria with him to talk.

Finch and Reese later meet with Lapointe posing as international officials and ask to review the paperwork naming Omar a terrorist. Lapointe lets them do so only in his office, and Reese points out how the Ministry of the Interior (which sent Lapointe the paperwork) is full of corrupt members - Lapointe responds by saying how two terrorists also posing as translators (Omar is a translator for Maria) were caught in Kentucky. Finch finishes looking at the papers and thanks Lapointe for his time.

Maria later learns that Davis forged the paperwork and provided false evidence that Omar is a terrorist, and heads to Lapointe's office to retrieve the original copies. Sevon agrees to take her to the office and inside, she finds the paperwork just as Lapointe walks in. Sevon apologizes to Lapointe for the confusion, thus revealing himself to be an enemy of Maria. He shoots Lapointe dead and aims at Maria; he is later stopped by Reese and Fusco and arrested for Lapointe's murder.

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