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Main Characters

POI 0513 Bear

Played by Gotcha

Image Name Played by
POI 0513 Ross Garrison

Senator Ross Garrison

John Doman
Main article: Ross Garrison
POI 0513 Grace Hendricks

Grace Hendricks

Carrie Preston
Main article: Grace Hendricks
POI 0513 Jeff Blackwell

Jeff Blackwell

Josh Close
Main article: Jeff Blackwell
Image Name Played by
POI 0513 Murphy


John Douglas Thompson
POI 0513 Lt Kearny

Lt. Kearny

Neal Matarazzo
POI 0513 Younger Cop

Younger Cop

Justin Grace
POI 0513 Chairwoman


Kate Kearney-Patch
POI 0513 Uniform


Miguel Cervantes
POI 0513 Man


Wayne Maugans
POI 0513 Dying Lady

Dying Lady

Rebecca Darke
POI 0513 Little Reese

Little Reese

Jack Davis
POI 0513 Reese's Mother

Reese's Mother

Amy Tribbey
POI 0513 Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver

Michael De Nola
POI 0513 Guard


Jacob Berger
POI 0513 Hanger


Dylan Chalfy
POI 0513 Newscaster


Dick Brennan
POI 0513 News Anchor

News Anchor

Kristine Johnson

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