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POI 0221 Root7

Played byAmy Acker
Rachel Miner ("Root Cause")
Mercedes Griffeth (1991)

NameSamantha Groves

AliasRoot (more)




Date of birthUnknown, 1979


ResidenceWashington D.C., USA (formerly)

OriginBishop, TX, USA

FamilyUnnamed mother

AffiliationThe Machine

First appearance"Root Cause"

Flashbacks"Bad Code"

Images (113)

One day, I realized all the dumb, selfish things people do... it's not our fault. No one designed us. We're just an accident, Harold. We're just bad code. But the thing you built... It's perfect. Rational. Beautiful. By design.

— Root

Samantha Groves is a highly intelligent computer hacker and contract killer known by her hacker name "Root". She has an obsessive interest in The Machine and Harold Finch.



Samantha Groves, known then as Sam, was born in Bishop, Texas, and lived there until her mother's death around 2002. Her mother taught her to follow her talents, which are computers. As a child, computers made more sense to Sam than people. As an adult, she admits that she has been waiting for someone who shares her understanding of technology her whole life. Soon, she also finds that she can inflict harm on others with ease, although she tells Finch she wishes she was a sociopath because it would make what she does easier. She claims she does not enjoy killing people, but admits "(she) doesn't feel bad about it either".

POI 0202 Pic1
Sam and her friend Hanna. ("Bad Code")
Wilem7Added by Wilem7

One afternoon in 1991, Sam and her friend Hanna Frey are in the local library. As Sam looks for a book, Hanna unsuccessfully plays the simulation computer game "Oregon Trail" until the library closes for the day. After Hanna leaves, Sam stays behind, quickly finishing the game with apparent ease. As Sam leaves the library, she sees Hanna getting into a car that belongs to Trent Russell, a local man who is a member of the library's book club.

She recognizes his car and tells the librarian, Barbara Russell, what she has seen. However, because Barbara is in love with Trent, she scares Sam into keeping what she saw to herself. ("Bad Code") Hanna is never seen or heard from again.

Life as RootEdit

POI 0202 Root2
Sam in 1991. ("Bad Code")
Wilem7Added by Wilem7

With the death of her mother and her friend, Sam eventually disappears herself. Two years after Hanna disappeared, Sam hacked into a drug lord's bank account and stole $100,000 from him, using the money to frame Trent for the robbery and thereby setting him up to be killed. ("Bad Code") After that, no one knew her whereabouts until she reappeared in New York, where she became known as Root, a hacker-for-hire and some-time assassin. ("The Contingency")

Root was hired by a business executive to send in a hitman to kill Cyrus Wells and his coworkers since the executive was suffering during the Stock Market Crash while Cyrus' company made millions. On April 4, 2009, an assassin sent by Root opened fire at 15 people including Cyrus - Cyrus' two college friends Sarah Lind and Alex Rice were killed while he and several other people escaped injured. ("Root Path (/)")

Root is hired by Pete Matheson, Congressman Michael Delancey's aide to assassinate the congressman. Using a patsy, an unemployed man named Scott Powell, Root is successful. However, her plan to kill Powell after the assassination is foiled by the timely intervention of Reese. Ultimately, the operation falls apart when Reese incapacitates one of Root's men and steals his phone. At the same time, Finch provides a phone recording to the FBI proving Matheson's involvement. In response, Root briefly hacks into Finch's network by creating a honey trap, presumably learning about Finch and The Machine in the process.

1x13 RootInCoffeeShop
Root writing to Finch. ("Root Cause")
ObiDanKenobi5Added by ObiDanKenobi5

Realizing that her plan has failed, Root kills her client and stages it as an apparent suicide, exonerating Powell. Root abandons her location, the dorm room of an unsuspecting college student who has been away on winter break, before the FBI, acting on an "anonymous" tip from Finch can apprehend her. Shortly thereafter, she has a brief instant message conversation with Finch, acknowledging him as a worthy opponent, and adding she is looking forward to their next encounter. She ends the conversation by calling Finch "Harold", indicating she knows who he is. ("Root Cause")

Emergence as a Person of InterestEdit

With Finch firmly in her sights, Root begins developing a plan to come face-to-face with him, and to gain access to his Machine. As part of her plan, Root anonymously contacts HR and put a "hit" on herself, using the identity Caroline Turing, a meek psychotherapist. Soon after, The Machine sends Finch Turing's Social Security number, making her a person of interest. Root also hires a known con man to pretend to be another patient who posed a threat to her safety. To get close to her, Reese, as John Rooney, becomes one of her patients, and begins observing her.

1x23 - Firewall escape
"Caroline Turing" with Reese. ("Firewall")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

Late one night, Turing is attacked by four assassins hired by Officer Patrick Simmons. Reese, who is nearby, manages to get her to safety in a hotel, but the two are unknowingly being watched by the FBI. Under Donnelly's supervision, the FBI stages a full scale assault on the hotel in an attempt to catch Reese, while HR continues trying to get to Turing. With the help of Carter and Finch, Turing is led to an underground tunnel system beneath the hotel. Reese instructs her to find Finch at the end of the tunnel, while he holds off HR.

As Finch is confronted by Alicia Corwin regarding his involvement with the Machine, Root arrives and kills Corwin with a gun shot to the head. She introduces herself to Finch as Root. Finch drives away at gun point, with Corwin's body left behind. ("Firewall") While holding him captive, Root explains her desire is not to control the Machine, as Finch believed, but rather to "set it free". ("The Contingency")

2x02 BadCode
Root with Finch. ("Bad Code")
ObiDanKenobi5Added by ObiDanKenobi5

Planning to escape to Texas with Finch, Root stops in Maryland where she gains access to Denton Weeks' house. She lures him there, where she overpowers him, then questions him about the location of the Machine. When he refuses tell her, she kills him by shooting him in the chest. What she doesn't know was that Reese has already tracked her down using her history with Hanna. At Washington D.C.'s Union Station, Reese saves Finch while Root escapes. Later that day, Root calls Reese to thank him for solving the mystery of Hanna's disappearance and tells him that she will be in touch. ("Bad Code") And with that, she disappears again.


Several months later, Root reappears as Special Counsel's secretary in the Office of Special Counsel, working under the alias "Miss May". ("Booked Solid") She uses her position to eavesdrop on the Special Counsel's phone calls at keep track of the relevant number activity, including that of Sameen Shaw.
POI 0216 S10
Root threatens Shaw. ("Relevance")
Wilem7Added by Wilem7
When Shaw arranges a meeting at a local hotel with Veronica Sinclair, her deceased partner Michael Cole's CIA contact, she finds Root waiting for her, having gotten there first and locked Veronica in the bathroom. Pretending to be Veronica, she talks with Shaw for a while until she learns what Shaw wants.

Root tasers Shaw and zip-ties her to a chair, threatening to torture her in order to obtain the name of a figure involved in the development of the Machine's final location, which was given to Shaw by Daniel Aquino, the project's developer. However, she doesn't have time to follow through because Special Counsel's agent, Wilson's men arrive, forcing her to leave before she is seen. ("Relevance")

2x21 - Finch and Root
Root with Finch. ("Zero Day")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

Determined to get the name and learn the Machine's location, she holds Special Counsel at gunpoint as a virus Kara Stanton planted in the Machine begins to impair its functioning. Having learned the Machine will call a pre-determined pay phone when the virus becomes active, she threatens to kill Grace Hendricks to gain Finch's cooperation. They go to a modest public telephone on the second floor of the New York Public Library where Root prepares to intercept the impending call, as Decima mercenaries fight with Reese and Shaw on the floor below.

2x21 - Root phone
Root answers the call. ("Zero Day")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

As they await midnight, when the call is due to come, Root has Harold redirect the call from its original first floor pay phone to one closer to them, which she answers when the call comes. However, unknown to Root, Finch splices the lines to let the call go to its original pay phone as well and directs Reese to answer it, thus giving control of the Machine to both of them for 24 hours. ("Zero Day")

Root leaves with Finch, using her control of the Machine to find and locate Lawrence Szilard, who had overseen the construction of the Machine's holding facility. He is killed by a government sniper before she can learn anything. After she kills two other assassins who are pursuing them, Finch finally admits he knows the Machine's location and they travel to its location in Hanford, Washington.

2x22 - Root healed
Root with Reese and Harold. ("God Mode")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

When Root and Finch arrive at the facility, her 24 hours as admin have expired, and she discovers that the Machine had moved itself to another location. Heartbroken and in tears, she prepares to kill Finch for betraying her, is shot in the shoulder by Shaw before she can.

Reese also arrives, as do Special Counsel and Hersh, who is tasked to "clean up" the situation. Before he can act, Reese and Shaw help Finch escape, taking Root with them. ("God Mode")


Having evaded Special Counsel and Hersh, Finch and Reese commit a semi-catatonic Root to Stoneridge Hospital, a psychiatric facility. Still in a dazed state, she walks down a hallway and receives a phone call from the Machine, which asks if she can hear it. She replies "Absolutely." ("God Mode")

2x22 - Root answers
Root answers the new call. ("God Mode")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

The Machine later identifies Root as an "analog interface" and assigns her a new box, with a black outline and yellow corners. She becomes the only person who can actually converse with the Machine.

At Stoneridge Hospital, Root is the patient of psychiatrist Dr. Ronald Carmichael under the alias Robin Farrow. During her sessions with Dr. Carmichael, she claims to be hearing "voices", implying the Machine, leading Carmichael to order she be denied access to a telephone, frustrating her. She is minimally cooperative with Carmichael, giving him cryptic answers to his questions about what she believes the voices are telling her. At one session, he finds his phone, which he thought he had lost, in her pocket. As a consequence, he orders Root be kept in solitary confinement with no contact with anything electronic. Although she insists it's not good for her to be separated from "it", but Carmichael maintains it's for her own good.

3x01 Liberty
Root in the asylum. ("Liberty")
ObiDanKenobi5Added by ObiDanKenobi5

As Root and Carmichael's session continue, he tries to understand what Root believes she hears, confronting what he believes is her delusion by suggesting they discuss the truth. Smiling, Root begins telling Carmichael that the truth is a very vast thing, and dismisses his efforts by claiming that he is only the 43rd smartest person in the building. Root taunts Carmichael with her research on him: that he cheated on his medical boards, that he smokes nine cigarettes a week in the parking lot, how he pays for a bi-monthly massage therapy using crisp hundred dollar bills from a 7/11 cash machine, and how he spends time in online forums fantasizing about having sex with his patients, although not her.

From there, she reveals her beliefs: that a God in the feminine form (referring to the Machine) was created 11 years ago, and that she's actually scared of what will happen. She goes on to explain that what he hears is them arguing about whether or not she'll kill him.

3x01 - Root and Carmichael
Root speaking with Dr. Carmichael. ("Liberty")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

Throughout Root's hospitalization, the Machine calculates the probabilities created by its continued involvement with Root: a 28% chance of activating her as its Analog Interface leads to a significant probability of her capture and/or death, while her carrying out a threatened murder has a 12% chance of leading to events resulting in the death of the Admin. Smaller probabilities apply to outcomes such as Root becoming Auxiliary-Admin, her having a child, and global thermonuclear war (a more likely outcome than Aux_Admin and Marriage/Procreation). As part of its calculations, the Machine determines that the probability of successfully retasking Root is unknown. ("Liberty") As it does, Root remains in the facility, where Carmichael has finally accepted that there is some kind of "voice" speaking to her, but claims that the time has come for her to leave soon. ("Lady Killer")


3x03 - Root shoots
Root shoots Hersh. ("Lady Killer")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2
Root begins setting up her plan to escape from Stoneridge with the Machine's help. She hacks into the thermostat and several other computers, making needed adjustments. Then, she asks the Machine to dispense thorazine and desflurane from a medication dispenser. Later, she talks with Carmichael in his office and tells him that it's finally time for her to leave. She explains her escape plan to a visibly frightened Carmichael, saying that Hersh is on his way to kill her.

The plan is set in motion as the doctor's phone rings. The air conditioning system releases the desflurane, an anesthetic which vaporizes above room temperature, knocking out the guards. Root leaves Carmichael, who pursues her, and walks down a hallway full of unconscious guards, picking up a gun from one of them. Hersh arrives, and Root opens fire on him. She and Carmichael hide, and following directions from the Machine, Root shoots Hersh. She considers killing him, but the Machine instructs her not to, and she leaves.

POI 0305 Root
Root with the taser. ("Razgovor")
Wilem7Added by Wilem7

Back in New York, Finch receives an unidentified number related to Root's escape while monitoring another person of interest. He tries reaching the facility by telephone, but is unsuccessful, prompting him to go there himself. By the time he arrives, Root is gone, and Finch finds the unconscious Hersh and the guards, along with the damage Root has done. He calls Reese and tells them they have a problem. ("Lady Killer")

Shortly thereafter, Root appears at Shaw's bedside as she sleeps, awakening her. Root pulls out a taser gun and incapacitates Shaw, saying that they will have so much fun together. As she does, the Machine indicates her as an "Analog Interface Active". ("Razgovor")

3x06 - Root and Shaw car
Root and Shaw in the car. ("Mors Praematura")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

Having drugged Shaw and tied her to the steering wheel of a car, Root explains to her that the Machine has a new category of numbers besides "relevant" and "irrelevant".

She cuts Shaw loose and Shaw threatens her with a knife, and Root says she knows about the car accident that killed her father. Shaw eventually reluctantly agrees to help, but warns that their truce is permanently off once the mission is done.

Root and Shaw get money and earpieces through directions from the Machine, and Root leads Shaw into an underground sewer. They use an improvised torch to get to a sewer grille, which she has Shaw loosen with construction tools.

The two then head to a CIA pickup site, where they encounter an agent that Shaw fights in hand-to-hand combat and Root Tasers unconscious. Root says that the CIA are picking up a package, and says that she's the package. Shaw, posing as an agent, takes Root with her and two other agents.

3x06 - Root black site
Root in the black site. ("Mors Praematura")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

Root is taken to a CIA black site, and Shaw talks with chief interrogator Nick Breckenridge while Root begins a conversation with Jason Greenfield, another man being held there. Root admits responsibility to numerous infamous hacks from the past, and then tells Jason that she's here for him. Jason explains the activities of an organization called Vigilance, and says he deserted them after they killed Wayne Kruger ("Nothing to Hide"), who Jason told them to simply scare before they decided to take further action. Root undoes a part of the fence wall as they talk.

Root, along with Jason and numerous other people, is loaded onto a truck being driven by Shaw. Root cuts free of her shackles, and the truck is intercepted by Vigilance soldiers.

3x06 - Root sewers
Root in the sewer. ("Mors Praematura")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2
Root rescues Jason from high-ranking Vigilance member Peter Collier, and takes him to the sewer that she and Shaw visited earlier. She gives Jason money and information to get a new home and identity in South America. She claims that she's simply following orders. Jason leaves just as two Vigilance soldiers arrive and point their guns at Root. Root simply smiles as Shaw shoots down the soldiers. Root says that their mission is done, and Shaw knocks her unconscious. ("Mors Praematura")

Captivity in the LibraryEdit

Root is later kept in a room in the Library by Finch, and Root tells him that the Machine will be angry at him if he keeps her there. Finch asks why she hasn't considered if the Machine wants her to be there, and locks the door as he leaves while Root is left thinking. ("Mors Praematura")

3x07 - Root library
Root in the Library. ("The Perfect Mark")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

While taking some tea and food into her room, Finch assures her that her confinement is for her own good; he claims that he hasn't fully reasoned out why the Machine is communicating with her, but she is as dangerous as ever. Root thinks that he is jealous because the Machine won't talk to him like it talks to her and tells him to not be jealous because "Mom still loves them both".

When Finch later takes more books for her to read, he says again that the imprisonment is for her own good and that he is worried about her and the relationship she developed with the Machine. She replies cryptically that both of them can't stop what's coming but they have the opportunity to understand the change that will happen, the future that is coming. ("The Perfect Mark")

3x10 - Carpooling
With the others in the car. ("The Devil's Share")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

Following the death of Joss Carter ("The Crossing"), Reese becomes severely unstable and begins a vengeful hunt for her killer, Patrick Simmons, the last remaining member of the crime organization HR. When Finch, Shaw, and Fusco are unsuccessful in their attempts to find Reese, Shaw convinces Finch to turn to Root for help, as she is their only remaining option.

Finch reluctantly releases Root from her captivity in the Library, and she reestablishes contact with the Machine on an earpiece to get Reese's location. She gives them directions to an FBI safe house where HR leader Alonzo Quinn is temporarily being held in protective custody. When they arrive, Reese sets off an explosion in a car to distract the FBI men as he infiltrates the building.

3x10 - Root guns
Root shooting multiple Russians. ("The Devil's Share")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

Reese prepares to kill Quinn after forcing him at gunpoint to write down Simmons' escape route from New York. Finch attempts to convince him not to shoot, but Reese pulls the trigger. The gun does not fire. Reese collapses from injuries sustained from a prior gunfight with Simmons during Carter's murder.

On their way back, Root points out that the Machine never said Reese was the only one planning to kill Simmons. Fusco, who has stayed back to make sure Quinn gets arrested, grabs the paper with Simmons' location. Simmons is arrested by Fusco afterwards and is ultimately murdered on Carl Elias' orders in a hospital.

Root, on the other hand, chooses to stay at the Library, telling Finch that they should be together for the "greater fight ahead of them." ("The Devil's Share")

Root still manages to somehow maintain communication with the Machine following the events of the war with HR, providing Finch with the social security number of Arthur Claypool. Finch is surprised at how she is able to do this, and Root warns him not to ignore the Machine's calls. ("Lethe")

Escape from the LibraryEdit

3x11 - Root captured
Hersh captures Root. ("Lethe")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

When Finch, Shaw and Claypool are held hostage and about to be executed by Control and her men, Root arrives to rescue them, having managed to disable her ankle bracelet and pick the lock in her room in the Library. Finch and Shaw are able to escape with Claypool, but Root is shot in the arm by Hersh and captured.

While Hersh pursues Finch, Shaw and Claypool, Root is kept in a cell at a government facility and meets Control, who proceeds with an interrogation method of injecting Root's right arm with a barbiturate to render her unconscious and an amphetamine in her left to wake her up. Root continues to taunt Control of how clueless she is, but Control relentlessly goes on with the interrogation, revealing a case full of syringes.

As night falls, Root is unable to handle the torture for much longer, having been injected with nearly every syringe Control has available. Control says that it can stop if Root provides her with answers, but Root presses on, prompting Control to inject her even more. Root finally gives in and reveals that she is in fact the Machine's analog interface, taking actions on it's behalf.

Root Machine 312 screenshot
Root while being tortured. ("Aletheia")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

Control asks if Root considers the Machine a superior force, but she says that it's something far greater. Control figures that the only way to halt her connection with the Machine is to get rid of it, and performs a Stapedectomy on her right ear without anesthesia to render it defective.

Root, now deaf on her right ear, reveals to Control that the Machine has been giving her Morse code messages on a phone Control brought in earlier in an attempt to have Root contact the Machine. Root says she knows Control brought a knife in her pocket because she was scared of Root, a knife she pickpocketed to escape her bonds. She lunges out of her chair with the knife to Control's head, and asks the Machine what to do with her. Speaking the Machine's mind, Root ominously tells Control: "stop pursuing me and my agents - I'm trying to save you." A visibly frightened Control asks what the Machine is trying to save her from, and Root simply says, "isn't she the best?" She chooses to let Control live.

3x12 - Root civilian
Root calling Finch. ("Aletheia")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

After Finch returns to the Library safely, Root, now posing as a civilian elsewhere, calls him to inform him that the manager that he and Claypool were with at the bank, where they went to find the drives for Claypool's Machine Samaritan, was an impostor and that the real bank manager was murdered prior to their arrival. Finch wonders who the woman they were with at the bank was - the woman is revealed to an operative of Decima Technologies, having stolen the real Samaritan drives. ("Aletheia")

Current MissionEdit

POI 0316 Root
Root in Casey's house. ("RAM")
Wilem7Added by Wilem7

Root now continues to pursue the numbers provided exclusively to her by the Machine, the first having been Jason Greenfield. Her latest number is Daniel Casey, who was saved by Finch in 2010. She comes to his house and instructs him to find Greenfield, stating that they're working for "a mutual friend". ("RAM").

In her next assignment, Root intercepts a prison transfer in Illinois and breaks out car thief Billy Parsons. She follows the Machine's instructions to create Billy a fake ID of German DOD worker Gunter Schmitz and register him into the building's records.

Root's next number is Cyrus Wells, who is now a janitor. She meets him at a bank and takes him to a diner to talk, where he states that his primary belief is that everything is part of a "greater plan". He says he always takes a walk in the park no matter what the weather, and Root lets him do so.

Root talking with Finch. ("Root Path (/)")
BootkillerAdded by Bootkiller

At the park, Root meets with Finch, who has also received Cyrus' number because Root is a natural threat to him. Root warns Finch that Decima plans to use Samaritan against the Machine, and also provides some cryptic clues on Cyrus' case.

At Cyrus' apartment, Root sees a picture of Cyrus with his friends Alex and Sarah and asks to know who they are, but Cyrus refuses to tell her. A sniper fires at them and they manage to escape while Shaw and Reese fight off the attackers. Further down the street, Root manages to get Cyrus arrested and thus taken into custody. She later arrives at the NYPD precinct posing as an FBI agent to take Cyrus with her.

3x17 - Root Reese
Reese and Root in the park. ("Root Path (/)")
Playsonic2Added by Playsonic2

At the diner, Cyrus finally tells Root about Alex and Sarah. They then go to the park again, where Decima men ambush them. Cyrus is taken despite even Reese's assistance.

Root meets with Finch at the Library and informs him that Maxwell LTD, the company that owns a building Decima wants Cyrus to access, is a front for an NSA lab storing a super processor that Decima plans to power Samaritan with. Finch wonders why she isn't helping Cyrus and Root finally admits that she was behind the deaths of Cyrus' friends, her guilt stifling her motivation to help the man anymore. She takes a device for her ear that she gave to Finch and leaves.

POI 0317 Root5
Root breaks into the building. ("Root Path (/)")
Wilem7Added by Wilem7

Root blackmails a physician named Dr. Carr into fixing her ear, now equipped with technology capable of communicating with the Machine while being immune to signal jamming. She breaks into the building where Cyrus is being taken and helps Reese and Fusco rescue him. The Samaritan data chip, however, is stolen.

Root later privately talks with Cyrus at a safe house and then tells Finch that she didn't tell Cyrus about her involvement in his past. Finch suggests they collaborate more often since the Samaritan threat is real. Root then leaves with Fusco for her flight to Paraguay.

The Machine, meanwhile, calculates the threats exposed as Samaritan's data gets uploaded. ("Root Path (/)")

Root begins following John Greer, director of Decima's operations. She trails him through a train station, but he uses Samaritan to employ counter-surveillance tactics that results in Root finding the wrong man.

POI 0318 Main
Root finds Greer. ("Allegiance")
Wilem7Added by Wilem7

Root comes to the Library and calls Finch to give him a quick tip on a case he's working on, and then informs him that she's borrowing Bear. She takes Bear to the park and watches Greer meet with corrupt businessman Ken Davis, who reports that six generators have been successfully smuggled into the US. Greer thanks him and then has his men put a hood over Davis' head and take him away.

Root follows Greer at the train station again and uses Bear's searching skills and sense of smell to overcome Greer's counter-surveillance measures. She finds him in an empty hallway, where she confronts him with evidence that he has stolen technology to power Samaritan. Greer says that it's human nature to control things, and also offers Root a place in his team. Root wonders why he's negotiating, when two armed men aim their guns at her. Greer calls their meeting a draw and walks away, letting her leave as she looks on. ("Allegiance")

Root arrives at a crime scene where ISA worker Leona Wainwright died in a car explosion caused by Vigilance. She sees Fusco there as well.

Later, Root gets an alert from the Machine warning her that Finch is in trouble. She goes to Washington D.C. and saves Finch from Vigilance head Peter Collier. She leaves with him and Fusco.

At a park outside, Root talks with Finch, when she gets another alert from the Machine that Vigilance has publicized the government's Northern Lights program, and that all the relevant numbers will now be redirected to her. She leaves for her next mission. ("Most Likely To…")

Character NotesEdit

  • Her name comes from the superuser account "root" on Unix and Unix-like systems. Superuser accounts are used for system administration and have extreme clearance and power, like the ability to arbitrarily modify files. Windows has a similar account called Administrator, but it is disabled by default to prevent accidental destruction of one's own computer or corruption of the operating system. Windows also allows the creation of other administrator accounts that have the same level of privileges as the Administrator account.
  • Root's real name, Samantha Groves, might be a reference to Andrew S. Grove, former CEO of Intel, who wrote the book "Only the Paranoid Survive". The title was mentioned by Finch in "Wolf and Cub" after Root hacked into the Library.
  • Root was able to temporarily infiltrate Finch's private network when he attempted to do the same to her via what appeared to be a vulnerability in her system. While Finch and Reese's operations were not completely compromised, the Library did have to be temporarily abandoned and Finch did have to rebuild his entire network from scratch. It is unknown how much information Root was able to extract about the Machine while connected to Finch's network, although it seems to have been enough for the Machine to assign her a yellow box, signifying at least some knowledge of the Machine.
  • Control deafened her in the right ear by performing a Stapedectomy without anesthesia during a brutal interrogation session, making her half deaf. ("Aletheia") However, she later recovers hearing thanks to a cochlear implant, which also allows her to have communications with the Machine through infrasound. ("Root Path (/)")


  • Root uses a Samsung NP300V4A notebook computer, a Google Samsung Nexus S smartphone, and arms herself with a Heizer Defense DoubleTap 9mm pistol.
  • Root's Caroline Turing alias may be an homage Alan Turing, an early theorist on the subject of artificial intelligence and developer of the Turing Machine, an early prototype of a computing machine, invented in 1936.
  • Root's early mastery of the computer game "The Oregon Trail" shows that she is able to manage tasks that involve the balancing, collection and expenditure of resources.  Hunting is also a very important component of the game. Failure in a hunt can lead to starvation while overhunting might lead to a lack of resources later in the game. Additionally, potential hazards such as weather and disease must be addressed and no matter how well one has played the game, can prove fatal. Additionally, the game's scoring system was designed to give greater rewards those who started the game with the fewer resources.
  • Root' Object ID from the final scene (prediction) in "Liberty" is: "001.548.25.MPPS".
  • Root's Object ID (from the Machine) is: 651.025.68.HSHW. ("Lady Killer")
  • Root has shown herself to be a skilled marksman, having taken out Six Russian hit squad members with two handguns, as well as taking out two members of vigilance with one burst of a machine pistol. (The Devil's Share)
  • Root has shown herself to have a high tolerence for pain in Aletheia, taking nearly all of Control's syringes and enduring a Stapedectomy without anesthesia. While being tortured she was also able to pickpocket control for her knife and escape her bonds.
  • Root blends into roles masterfully having been Special counsel's secretary and collecting information from him without suspicion for months, impersonating Veronica Sinclair (Michael Cole's CIA contact), and also assuming the identity of a psychotheripist.
  • Root is quite famous in the hacker community show in Mors Praematura.


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