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Main Characters

POI 0502 Bear

Played by Gotcha

POI 0502 Root

Played by Amy Acker

Persons of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0502 Jeff Blackwell

Jeff Blackwell

Josh Close
A parolee, Blackwell served 12 years in prison for killing another driver while driving drunk. After being released, he started doing menial temporary jobs. The Machine identified him as a Person of Interest and sent Reese to assist him. Reese found him to be harmless and attributed his number coming up to the Machine malfunctioning. Blackwell is later approached by a Samaritan agent, Mona, who tells him he has a lot of potential and recruits him as an asset. He has an IQ of 153.
POI 0502 Laurie Granger

Laurie Granger

Paige Patterson
An assassin, she is hired by The Machine to kill Reese after it identifies him as a threat due to a glitch in its system. She engages Reese in a lengthy firefight, but is eventually disarmed and arrested by him.
POI 0502 Gerald Mancini

Gerald Mancini

Anthony Grasso
A Person of Interest, his number comes up when he amasses a huge debt to a gambling ring. He and his family is targeted by Andrius and his men, but is saved by the intervention of Fusco.
POI 0502 Rachel Mancini

Rachel Mancini

Nurit Monacelli
Gerald Mancini's wife, she gets into an argument with her husband regarding his gambling debts. Their family is targeted by Andrius and his men, but is saved by the intervention of Fusco.
POI 0502 Andrius


Jasson Finney
He runs a gambling ring. Gerald Mancini gets into a huge debt with Andrius and he breaks into the Mancini home to kill him but is shot and arrested by Fusco.
POI 0502 Wally


Deandre Leatherbury
A student, he calls in a bomb threat to his school to get out of a maths test. This results in him being identified by The Machine as a Person of Interest.
POI 0502 Edgar


Brian McCarthy
An actor, he is seen killing someone in a play. Due to a glitch in its system he is deemed a Person of Interest by The Machine.
POI 0502 Reg


Nick Doolan
He is a friend of Jeff Blackwell and is seen working with him, painting houses as part of their temp jobs.


Image Name Played by
POI 0502 Mona


A Samaritan operative, she is seen meeting Jeff Blackwell and recruiting him as a new asset for Samaritan.

8th Precinct

Image Name Played by
POI 0502 Mikey


Joe Lanza
An NYPD police officer, he is a friend of Fusco and plays alongside him in the NYPD bowling league.

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