Sam Latimer's ring is a group of former U.S. Army soldiers led by Sam Latimer out of his bar, The Green Zone. The team commits mostly high-end robberies and are notable for their discipline and ability to complete jobs in a limited timeframe. For example, they robbed a bank and hit an underground casino both in under 60 seconds.

Until recently, the team consisted of Joey Durban, Straub, Teddy Dalloway, Willis and John Reese (undercover to protect Durban). However, once a crew becomes erratic and a liability, Latimer turns them on one another or kills them himself, as he did with two former Marines, Manny and Danny. He then hires other soldiers in need of cash. This explains why the group maintains its discipline and doesn't collapse.

Latimer sold the team's services to Elias, who had them steal a knife from an NYPD evidence lockup. Once the team had retrieved the knife and had handed it over to Latimer, he betrayed them and killed Straub and Teddy; Reese and Joey escaped. Elias later killed Latimer to tie up loose ends. His body was found by Reese.

Known Members

  • Sam Latimer- leader - killed by Elias
  • Manny - member - killed by Latimer
  • Danny - member - killed by Latimer
  • Willis - member - arrested
  • Straub - member - killed by Latimer
  • Teddy Dalloway - member - killed by Latimer
  • Joey Durban - escaped - alive
  • John Reese - undercover - deceased
  • Carl Elias - associate - deceased