Sam Romano

POI 0123 Romano

Played byJohn Bolger

NameSam Romano


Social Security #XXX-XX-3286

OccupationInvestigator of the District Attorney's Office

ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

District Attorney's Office


Images (2)

Detective Samuel Romano is a corrupt police detective working for the District Attorney's Office, and one HR's Inner Council. He is one of three men Patrick Simmons introduces Detective Fusco to in preparation to put out a hit on Caroline Turing. (“Firewall”)

After the foiling of HR's attempt on Turing's life, Fusco anonymously emails pictures of HR's Inner Council, including Romano to Special Agent Donnelly of the FBI. The three are arrested and convicted for their crimes by Landon Walker. (“Firewall”) (“Bury the Lede”)

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