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Samaritan Representative

POI 0415 Samaritan Representative

Played byLouis Lourens

AliasMr. Flint


OccupationSamaritan operative



First appearancePretenders

Latest appearanceSkip

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The Samaritan Representative, also known as Mr. Flint, is a Samaritan operative working closely with Greer.

Character Background

He is tasked by Samaritan to invest in Elizabeth Bridges' company after it becomes interested in her algorithms. He is seen contacting Elizabeth and later reports to Greer about her. (“Pretenders”)

He is present alongside Greer and informs him of his meeting with Lauren Buchanan, the CEO of Fetch and Retrieve, to acquire their company. (“Q&A”)

He is seen to be in communication with Elizabeth and informs her of their intention to meet soon to test out her program. (“Skip”)


Season 4

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