Sameen Shaw uses an alias whenever situations require her to get in direct contact with a person of interest.

Image Episode NameOccupation
3x03 - Shaw alias Lady Killer Nadya Ferraro Yoga instructor
Uses the alias on a smartphone application which a chameleon person of interest uses to choose his dates.
3x04 - Shaw alias Carmen Reasonable Doubt Carmen
Poses as a friend of a woman named Mindy who was invited to Nicole Spencer's book club event where she clones Nicole's phone and hacks her computer to find out if Nicole was giving money to a person of interest.
3x05 - Razgovor Razgovor Agent Stone Immigration and Customs agent
Pretend as Agent Stone to protect the POI Genrika Zhirova(“Razgovor”)
3x06 - Agent Dearborn Mors Praematura Agent Dearborn CIA agent
Poses as a CIA agent to transport Root to a CIA black site.
POI 0311 Shaw3 Lethe Anne Moore Doctor
Finch creates an alias for Shaw as a doctor in a hospital where Arthur Claypool is a patient, so Shaw can keep an eye on him.
POI 0319 Shaw2 Most Likely To... Betty Harris Dental Hygienist
Assumed the identity of a former classmate of Matthew Reed's at their high school reunion.
04x01 ShawDept Season 4 Sameen Gray Beautician (formerly)
Main article: Sameen Shaw/Sameen Gray
Shaw, along with the team, was forced to take on a new identity to hide from Samaritan. This cover is now blown. (“The Devil You Know”).
Synecdoche Alison Sterling Wife of Congressman Sterling
A new identity given by The Machine.


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