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Shane Edwards

POI 0417 Shane Edwards

Played byPatrick Kennedy

NameShane Edwards

Intro IDID.417/0310.15



ResidenceNew York, NY, USA

FamilyLucy - wife (deceased)


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Shane Edwards is a psychologist, who brings his patients peace by framing the enemies in their life for crimes they did not commit. This vigilantism began following the murder of his wife Lucy.

Character Background

Shane had a wife named Lucy, who died 8 years before the events of “Karma”. He thinks Morris killed his wife and even committed perjury to get him locked up. When Morris gets out of prison after spending 7 years behind bars, Shane tries to frame him for his own murder by planting evidence in Morris' apartment. He points the gun at himself, unable to move on from his wife's death, until Harold talks him out of it. It is still unknown if it was really Morris who killed Lucy.

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