"She's Long Gone"


ArtistThe Black Keys



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Featured inMasquerade

"She's Long Gone", by The Black Keys, is a song featured in the Person of Interest episodes “Masquerade” and “Liberty”.
The song was played at the end of “Masquerade” when it was revealed that Kara Stanton kept Mark Snow hostage in a basement. In “Liberty” it was played in a club where Jack Salazar and his fellow sailors went to party during fleet week.

"She's Long Gone" is the only song that has been used in more than one episode, and one of the few songs that is source music (sometimes called diegetic music). Unlike the episode's score, source music is heard by the characters in an episode and originates within the story itself.


She was made to blow you away
She don’t care what any man say
Well you can watch her strut
But keep your mouth shut
Or it’s ruination day

Well now she’s long
A-long gone
Oh now she’s long
Yeah now she's long gone
Like Moses through the corn

Well her eyes, they're rubies and pearls
And she’s not made like those other girls
Well her lashes flap and they smack men back
Like springs bouncin' off of her curls

Oh now she’s long
A-long gone
N-n-n-now she’s long
Long gone
Like Moses through the corn
Oh rock on

Lyrics from LyricWikia.

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