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Main Characters

POI 0504 Shaw holder

Sameen Shaw
Played by Sarah Shahi
Credit only

POI 0505 Root

Played by Amy Acker

POI 0505 Bear

Played by Gotcha

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0505 Ethan Garvin

Ethan Garvin

Will Connolly
A sound analyst for "ShotSeeker", a NYPD acoustic surveillance system, Garvin has a very acute sense of hearing. His investigation into the disappearance of Krupa Naik lands him in the cross-hairs of Samaritan. He is disregarded as a threat by Samaritan after Finch and Root upload Naik's research online.


Image Name Played by
POI 0505 Elias

Carl Elias

Enrico Colantoni
Main article: Carl Elias
POI 0505 Bruce Moran

Bruce Moran

James LeGros
Main article: Bruce Moran


Image Name Played by
POI 0505 Jeff Blackwell

Jeff Blackwell

Josh Close
Main article: Jeff Blackwell


Image Name Played by
POI 0505 Ben Haas

Benjamin Haas

Brit Whittle
He is the head of an anti-hunger non-profit called "Feed The Globe". Krupa Naik planned to license her research to them to help feed millions of people around the world, but disappeared before the deal went through. After being questioned by Detective Fusco regarding Naik's disappearance Haas pointed them to JD Carrick.
POI 0505 JD Carrick

JD Carrick

Peter Gray Lewis
The CEO of "Harvesta", he tried to buy Krupa Naik's research outright, but she chose "Feed The Globe" over them. Samaritan framed him for the disappearance of Naik as he had a history of making his opponents disappear.
POI 0505 Mary Mulhall

Mary Mulhall

Julie Cavaliere
A friend and neighbor of Krupa Naik, she was in the possession of a hard drive containing Naik's research. Her number came up and she was killed by a Samaritan agent, but Root was able to recover the hard drive.
POI 0505 RTCC Supervisor

RTCC Supervisor

Finnerty Steeves
The supervisor of Ethan Garvin at the NYPD Real Time Crime Center, she explained the "ShotSeeker" system to Reese.
POI 0505 RTCC Dispatch

RTCC Dispatch

Jonathan Wilde
A dispatcher at the NYPD Real Time Crime Center, he is a co-worker of Ethan Garvin.
POI 0505 4D


Tyson Hall
A neighbor of Krupa Naik staying in apartment 4D, he berates Ethan Garvin for incessantly knocking on Naik's door and threatens to call the cops on him.
POI 0505 Cop B

Officer James

Romell Witherspoon
A NYPD officer, he brings in JD Carrick to the 8th Precinct to be questioned by Fusco.
POI 0505 Amped Up Cop

Amped Up Cop

Daniel Morgan Shelley
A NYPD officer, he pulls his gun on Ethan Garvin after "ShotSeeker", hacked by Samaritan, wrongfully identifies him as a shooter. He is stopped by Fusco.
POI 0505 Homeless Guy

Homeless Guy

Julian Rozzell
A homeless man, he asks for some change from a passing Bruce Moran. His conversation is shown to be detected by "ShotSeeker" which is now being used by Samaritan.

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