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Main Characters

Bear Holder

Played by Graubaer's Boker (Credit Only)

POI 0418 Root

Played by Amy Acker

Person of Interest

Image Name Played by
POI 0418 Frankie Wells

Frankie Wells

Katheryn Winnick
Main article: Frankie Wells
POI 0418 Harper Rose

Harper Rose

Annie Ilonzeh
Main article: Harper Rose
POI 0418 Ray Pratt

Ray Pratt

Ato Essandoh
Ray Pratt is a career criminal who stole $100,000 from Carlton Worthy and in the process murdered Deacon, Frankie Wells' brother. Ray used the stolen money to set up numerous illegal gambling operations in New York City. Frankie, working as a bounty hunter, tracked him down but he escaped with the help of Harper Rose. He later betrays Harper and tries to kill her but ends up in shootout with Frankie, Reese and Worthy's men. Although Harper is able to defuse the situation, Ray still tries to kill her only to be shot by Reese and later arrested.
POI 0418 Carlton Worthy

Carlton Worthy

Jeff LaMarre
Ray Pratt stole $100,000 from Worthy, prompting the later to track him down using Frankie Wells. He captures Frankie and Reese and interrogates them about Ray's whereabouts but they manage to escape. Worthy follows them to Ray's hideout and a shootout ensues between the various parties. Harper convinces Worthy to leave the standoff by handing over Ray's flash drive containing proof of Worthy's illegal transactions. Reese later has him arrested by the NYPD.
POI 0418 Terrified Man

Terrified Man

Josh Salt
This man was paid off by Harper to drive her car to trick Colton Worthy and his men into following him and thus allowing her to escape unnoticed.
POI 0418 Security Guard

Security Guard

Guyviaud Joseph
The security guard at one of Ray Pratt's gambling operations, he pulled his gun on Reese after he saw him fighting Frankie Wells.
POI 0418 Bartender


John Sousa
He is the bartender of the pub from which Harper operated. He is questioned by Frankie about Ray Pratt's whereabouts.

Hong Kong

Image Name Played by
POI 0418 Elizabeth Bridges

Elizabeth Bridges

Jessica Hecht
Main article: Elizabeth Bridges
POI 0418 Mr. Flint

Mr. Flint

Louis Lourens
Main article: Samaritan Representative
POI 0418 Wolfram


Alexander Blaise
Wolfram is Elizabeth Bridges' ex. Elizabeth is seen arguing with him on several occasions which prompts Finch and Root to wrongly believe that he might be the reason behind Elizabeth's number coming up.


Image Name Played by
POI 0418 Iris Campbell

Iris Campbell

Wrenn Schmidt
Main article: Iris Campbell

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