Sofia Campos


Played byPaloma Guzmán

NameSofia Campos

Intro IDID.008/2720.10



ResidenceNew York, NY, U.S.

OriginSão Paulo, Brazil

FamilyHector Campos - father

AffiliationBrazilian consulate


Images (9)

Sofia Campos is the daughter of a Hector Campos, a Brazilian diplomat, whose Social Security Number came up after she became a loose end in a drug deal. She was unknowingly witness to a drug deal and was thus being hunted down by the drug dealers. Her boyfriend was actually part of the drug ring and had set her up to be killed. However Reese undercover as her bodyguard was able to intervene and with the help of Fusco and Carter, save her life. She later went back to Brazil with her father.

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